The U.S. Politics Thread

He can get away with it because The Republicans are the anti-African American party. They opposed Civil Rights, to this day they put in voter supresion laws to stop none white voters voting, their gerrymandering deliberately suppresses the effect of the black vote, they opposed integration and voted against black kids being bussed to white schools, Republican held states massively divert funding away from black schools to white schools, they are the party that marched against the country’s first bi-racial President and elected an overt racist. Trump also took out 5 adds asking for the execution Central Park 5. These were young black boys (14-16 IIRC) wrongly convicted of the gangrape of a white girl due to coerced interogation.

However Biden should be working harder giving voters a reason to come out and vote for him, rather than stay home.

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I still have to keep reminding myself that the person tweeting is the President of the USA.

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Best pick?

In terms of campaigning, I’d say Warren or Kamala. In terms of policy I’d say Warren again or Val Demings.

Harris or Demings. Not that either are good. They’ll be marketed as brining the country together, when in fact Harris was a prosecuter off a department that got black man locked up on mass and IIRC one was innocent, she knew he was innocent and left him in prison (I mgiht be muddling this with Klobochar). And Demings was in charge of a brutal police department. Given they couldn’t reform themselves, she’s been part of the problem

Demings carries weight because she’s from Florida so might carry some favour in winning a swing state. Harris is a corporatist and Team Biden will love that

Warren will be seen as too anti-corporate for Joe’s donors, especially with the reasonable chance he may die in office. They also don’t really want the look of an old white man and an old white woman

Lance Bottoms is Atlanta Mayor so they could pick her looking to try and win Georgia but there’s a low chance of that. She also doesn’t have the Washington experience.

So I think it’ll be Harris.

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Please Warren please god.

Biden looks like he will annihilate trump in this election and you might as well get someone to energise the base especially with the protests, and play into the mood.

Some big progressive wins in house primaries recently as well e.g. Charles Booker I think?

Despite her colour and that she’s a woman, Kamala’s record as California AG is a bad look.

It’ll probably be Kamala but I guess it could be a lot worse.

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It’s looking good for Biden tbh, but I have a feeling it may change when it comes to the election itself. Is he strong enough to take on Trump?

I will say there’s alot of genuine concern about Trump’s chances from republican/rightwingers. Trump’s recent alarmism on mail in voting is having a serious affect on GOP forecasts on turnout nationwide

There’s a sense that he failed to capitalise on the Law and Order angle in response to the recent distress and Trump’s attacks on Biden aren’t cutting.

Keeping things relatively low key and being selective with his battles is a winning strategy at the moment for Biden but that could change

By the way, I actually would have loved Cory Booker in as VP.

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His priorities on animal rights are bang on despite everything else, and this is an issue that has huge ramifications.

I hope he can successfully lobby any government for regulation on factory farming

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It’s hard to argue that Biden inspires little to no enthusiasm especially in Bernie supporters who may still feel a sense of disillusionment about the entire Democratic party. My view is that Biden is the weaker of two enemies. In a battle for substantive policy reform–medicare for all, federal right for collective bargaining, living wage, etc.–Biden is a President that can be pulled to those policy positions.

To me that’s the best proposition to get me out to vote for an otherwise typical corporate democrat.


That cabinet

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Wtf :rofl:. He should stick to writing horror fiction.

That is horror in that picture.

Oprah Winfrey in government :facepalm:

Jeff Bezos :facepalm:


True lol

Tell you what’s even more fucking horrifying, Kanye fucking West looking at being president. I mean, FFS!

America really is like a Hollywood film. First Trump now Kanye West wanting to become President of the most powerful country in the world :unamused:

A favourite american term is ‘going to hell in a handbasket’. One fucked up country at the moment.

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I just wish we would get an actual intelligent person running as a 3rd party instead of a sideshow circus act. In fact I wish we could just get a non corrupt lifetime politician/good human being running for president in the first place.

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