The U.S. Politics Thread


I voted today. Maryland is pretty solidly Democrat for Federal offices but the DC suburbs, rural counties and resentful racists in Baltimore suburbs will likely reelect a Republican governor.

Absolutely shitting myself over the results. Hopefully the Democrats take the house and some governor’s races in places like Georgia and Florida. These last two years have been so depressing in terms of politics and policies enacted by the GOP.


It’s not just an assumption based on one’s own views though, there’s a clear logic for why people might expect higher turnout/new voters/younger voters to benefit Democrats more than Republicans. It was spelled out for you just a few posts ago.

There’s no guarantee of course, you are right, but this isn’t just “lefties” simply wanting something to be true and then saying that it is. Votes like this fairly rarely favour the incumbent, the general trend is for them to favour the opposition. It’s far easier to mobilise people against something than it is for the status quo.


The ideal would be getting Florida, Georgia and Texas with Beto. Trump would be fuming.


Maybe but research shows younger people are more left wing and become more right wing as they grow older


A big thing driving the young voters to go Dems is those school shootings a while back. There was a nationwide protest when all the high schools walked out against the gun lobby. A main point of theirs was that a very large percentage of them would be able to vote in these midterms. So they might well be a significant factor.


I’m predicting the poles will be wrong again and the Reps will maintain control of the house. America will continue it’s downward spiral, dragging the rest of the world with it in a haze of exhaust fumes, hydrocarbons, and rotting soy beans.

Voter suppression is working. Deluded millennials will once again say “There’s no way they can win” and will use that as an excuse not to vote. They will once again be taught the lesson they didn’t learn in 2016… Aye, I’m a cynical old bastard and I hope I’m wrong. But I called Trump and Bush… so my track record is pretty good.


What’s up with some malfunctions? Trump trying to stop liberals from voting?


Yes. Trump has personally coded the machines to fail.


Malfunction implies that it’s not functioning exactly as intended.


Come on man!

Republicans staying in control of the house would be crazy unlikely surely!

Dems have a chance at getting into numerous governor mansions, just in time for redistricting right?

Time to then unsuppress these voters and maybe suppress the rural yokels who have way too much of a say for how many of them there are.

One thing I will say is that the Dems really need to not take the Latino vote for granted, that could properly fuck them.


Yep, fucking redneck farmers.


disgrace. If dems could somehow get Kemp the fuck out, it would be a great thing.



Kemp is a typical cocky southern cunt. He must get kicked out of the office.


If the outlets and people you listen say one thing in favour I of want you believe, we all know that your more likely to support whether you are left or right; the information is congruent with your world view, you want it to happen this leaving very little room for doubt.

What said wasn’t wrong at all.


This shit right here.


Muricans ( <3 ) , is there any election online live coverage that you prefer/would recommend watching? Otherwise I’m on the CNN right now, it’s alright from what I can tell.


CNN is shit. Explosions and drama over nothing. Best place to keep in the know ironically might be the BBC.

I’ll be following on the Intercept


But on CNN every observation comes with hectic sound effects and maybe even a dramatic zoom-in once in a while, it enhances my consumer experience that I enjoy from the comfort of my home. No but jokes aside, there is something about listening to their discussions, the inside perspective or w/e. I want to know what Americans think about the whole thing.


When are we expected to hear the first meaningful voting results?