The U.S. Politics Thread


So on that premise if the right leaning speakers are allowed to speak at venue, why should people harass the venue and the organisers till it is shut down.

No you just stated that now. In that case if they’ve been invited to speak at a particular uni/ venue or public space, their have the right to be there and speak freely, thus people have the right to protest; but disruptions and shutting down the speakers and no platforms etc because you don’t like that said speakers view points, topic etc infringes on others freedom to associate.

Just to give a bit of context; MRA speakers are prevented to talk at organised events, the attendees a labelled as misogynistic etc; the talks a shut down by feminist; but if we were to flip the script people would be outraged.


No I fucking didn’t. I’ve said all along if people don’t own platforms then they have no right to them.


At what point?


My posts are all there. Just read back.


I did and I can’t get a sense of you saying that.


The whole point of a protest is to cause disruption, that’s how it works mate. I’m not sure you’ve really grasped the nature of protesting.

So all of these evil lefties no platforming people, have the committed any illegal acts? Cos if so they’d be arrested and events would go ahead. If they haven’t done anything illegal, that’s called legitimate protest.

This is why I asked your brother for a specific example of what the two of you are complaining about, because if you can’t point to any illegality then the simple reality is that you don’t like people protesting when they’re left wing and you’re hypocrites with all this harping on about freedom of speech/expression etc.


I never said what they did or do is illegal although some of it is. The disruption I am talking about is good my in to the venue, creating noise, harassing the speakers and making it impossible for the talk to go on.

Btw the burning and trashing of Berkeley when milo was going to speak tops the list, Yvette what’s her surname beating “facist” ( she got charged for it); the bike lock attacker. These are the more high profile cases. You can’t arrest masked idiots can you now, why are acting like these things didn’t happen or don’t happen?


I’m really not acting like things never happen. What I’ve done is ask several times for examples of what it is you two are objecting to because I want to understand what acts specifically you are condemning. Because then I’ll understand your point better and quite possibly in some cases I may well agree that people behaved immorally and/or illegally.

I’m not acting like things never happen.

I’m asking for examples worse than what’s quoted, and it’s those examples that we might agree on. Because if you’re just talking about people creating noise and disrupting the speaker then I really don’t have a problem with that at all. That’s legitimate protest imo.


I am sorry but if the shoe was on the other foot, people would be outraged; like I mentioned before if the MRA’s do what the feminist does to them, shit would hit the fan and you know this.

At the moment it’s no big deal because most of it is towards the right. What gets me the most is that a lot of it is faux outrage and virtue signalling.


Sure, in the same way people like you are outraged by the behaviour of some on the left.


Eh ok…

I guess you are ok with it then.


I think lefties are infiltrating all aspects of media now slowly and subversive manner. You have to be careful.

Take those Russian Mircats spreading there “two for one” and “splitting bills” socialist ideals. And dont get me started with that Marxist Jamie Oliver and his “cultural appropriation” shit…


Fucking LOL


Truly scary what is happening and is nothing out of the ordinary.

I just wish young Americans would vote


It’s scary across the world. The rise of the far right in Europe concerns me deeply. It’s starting slowly, and might (hopefully) amount to nothing, but sometimes I get gloomy and think we might be about to see the second rise of fascism. Just look at what that nutbag Italian cunt is spewing all the time.

As I said, that’s when I’m feeling gloomy and totally defeated. It’s not necessarily my daily outlook. But ultimately, the current state if the world is depressing af


Me too, but I think it helps knowing this is the death throes of a shit greedy generation on their way out, and knowing that the demographics work out a lot lot better for better politics and better democracies soon, provided they still exist lol.

I can only praise today’s youth for being so engaged compared to older generations who were much more apathetic. That also gives me hope. (David Hogg etc)


I hope you’re right, I’m just not sure.

When my parents grew up the youth were incredibly motivate by politics. People actually got out there and did shit, proper protests and disruptive shit. Real radical politics. As misguided as it might have been, people really believed shit, and strongly. I might be out of touch, but I feel like the prevailing feeling now is one of apathy, I don’t know that the youth are really engaged, aside from “the absolute boy” chat. But after Corbyn, when he inevitably goes, what then? I don’t belive the engagement will continue, deep down I just don’t… Maybe I’ve just had a few too many pints on a Friday after work, but now we’re on the subject of polo ics I just feel despondent.

I also think it is probably a touch foolish to belive the rise of right wing politics will be halted by an older generation dying off. I don’t think it’s that simple.


It may look that way and we may think that all older people are like this, but actually I think this one generation were particularly disruptive so change there will make a difference.

Youth these days may not be protesting as much (I disagree, as I think social media has people a lot more engaged and informed about issues they would usually have no idea about or motivation to learn about than before) but I think they will be turning out and voting more.


The Youth have had little importance in Politics for a while now, and its certainly getting worse. Until they vote in numbers they don’t mean shit and the millennial generation are less likely to vote than their predecessors.

Nail on the head by Jackie with the apathy call as well. Tie that in with austerity and the manipulation of information (fake news) and its no surprise to see such extremism rearing its ugly head.

May, Trump, Boris, Putin, Kim, Erdogan, Israel, Georgia, Syria, China, Somalia, Yemen, Burma (Mynamar), IS, Turkey, Kurds, Floods, Typhoons, Millions of children raped beaten and abused for over 2000 years of history and getting worse than ever…

Poor getting poorer Rich getting richer, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Dickensian Factory conditions, Zero hour contracts, #metoo, Billions of metric tones of toxic waste and spent fuel buried each year despite ample free energy, plastic in your food, mass species extinction.

Genocide, Ethnic cleansing, torture and murder of dissidents, chemical weapons on children, trafficking, slavery, massive population displacement, crop failure and famine, Nations collapsing, Democracy tainted and abused…

All accepted and the norm because to challenge or oppose is too much hassle.

Even though voting is so piss easy.



Interesting debate, two very different and distinct approaches. I’ve been tracking O’Rourke for while