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I think the issue isn’t right/left but the fact anyone can claim faux offense and shut down university platforms. The majority may in fact agree but that

And I’m not talking about that cretin Milo but when someone like Germaine Greer gets no platformed and accused of mysoginy you know something is seriously wrong. And why? Because she states the scientific fact that Post Opp Transexuals are still men. This article in itself shuts down any discussion over the matter and makes ridiculous stretches of the truth:


I didn’t say/imply it was but right views being shot down is the complaint here so I responded in that context.

I don’t think anyone could legitimately claim Germaine Greer has been no platformed either. Her views and opinions are pretty widely accessible. (The article also says she cancelled the talk herself).


Here’s some similar right wing behaviour from this very month


It’s funny you post that; it looks like a group of people employing the same tactics as the left.

But for everyone those articles of about the right, there are hundreds of examples of the left disrupting uni lectures, restaurants, speaker events and anything or anyone they don’t agree with.




It’s not funny I’d post that, you said you didn’t know of any right wing people behaving in this way, which is remarkably naive. So I’ve given you one very clear and recent example.

The point being that it isn’t “the tactics of the left”, things like this happen on both sides. And as far as I can tell you’re complaining about protestors having an issue with certain people being booked for speaking appearances, here we’re looking at a clear case of intimidation and criminal damage.

It’s all well and good you saying you can find hundreds of examples but a few posts ago I asked you for one so I can be sure we’re having a sensible discussion about the same thing rather than speaking at crossed purposes, and you didn’t reply.


You’re right about the militancy coming from the faux left on matters of identity politics. Some of these people, on issues regarding Trans women, actually argue that their are 56 different genders - utter pseudo-science. Post Op Trans women are scientifically men. I can fully understand why many women dislike the idea of sharing their womanhood with men. I think women like Greer might be more tolerant of the idea if it didn’t involve certain inevitable policy outcomes like shared toilets etc. That would be a very bad idea. If it didn’t risk affecting policy then it wouldn’t really matter at all.


Eh wrong person; I didn’t complain about anything…

But in saying that, did you miss what happened in Berkeley, Portland UCL and other places?


It’s not constructive at all; if you don’t like a speaker don’t attend, disrupting lecture because it goes your ideology.

All this rooted in people to virtuous, just because you don’t like something you have no right to stop me from hearing and making my own decision about it. Why not debate the idea and show others it’s stupid? Instead you have people acting like children.

Universities was a place to exchange ideas, learn and attain sense of knowledge; right now people are trying to make universities a place of concerntrated ideology, with a lack of diverse ideas and view points.


Her stance was she refused to see them as women, so a lot of feminist and lgbt activists were outraged. I watched an interview with her about that particular issue.


Complaining seems like an appropriate word for exactly what you’re doing in this thread on this topic, but I can’t be bothered to get bogged down in semantics. So if you don’t think you’re complaining, fine.


Eh I just joined the conversation :hipster:


Haha fair, I’ve totally confused you with ryaninho. An easy mistake to make I’m sure you’d agree lol


So what’s the relevance of the lefties doing it more often then?


They sort of started this whole thing.

Besides that I am guessing you feel that right leaning thinkers and academics, should not be in universities?

BTW do think people that disagree with leftist ideology or policies as alt-right, misogynist and a neo-nazis? It’s seems to be the trend nowadays



I don’t give a shit where right leaning speakers go. As long as they accept that the haven’t got an inherant right to go there. Own the platform or be prepared to step off it when asked to.


But left thinks they own the platforms when their don’t.

No one holds the intrinsic right to any academic platform, they were meant to be neutral, you say the right haven’t the inherent right to places so why do the left? Why should the left have access to every platform?.

I disagree that people should step down when asked; they only should step down after they have spoken, everyone should be heard because it is the only way to challenge shitty ideas as well as gain new perspectives.


Where have I said anything resembling that?


Clearly I asked you a question to get an idea where you stand.

Maybe I should reframe it.

Do you think the left should have access to all platforms; regardless of rhetoric and ideas they are espousing?


No. People should have access to platforms as long as the platform owners are prepared to allow them to.

I actually think I’ve been pretty clear about that all long. The left/right stuff is just distraction.