The U.S. Politics Thread


Ah, just saw Trump on the news saying that journalists should use sources.

What an absolute fucking tool.


But then again, the cunt’s probably telling porkies.


Trumps Attorney General committed perjury about speaking to the Russians during Trumps campaign.

He’s got to resign, no way he can keep his job after this. This is truly a shit show of an administration, Trumps cabinet is rotten to the core.


This guy knows his shit by the way


Scaremongering. Anything that happens to North Korea will be decided jointly by the Security Council.

Doubt the US does anything on it’s own authority with regard to NK. China and Russia having vested interests here.

Never mind that the debate about the power of the presidency to declare war use nukes have flared up massively recently even before Trump

Serious and complex political questions shouldn’t be reduced to 280 characters


To be fair he was summarising what he come across when in Washington for the conference. I happen to believe a pre emptive strike from the US is not out of the realms of possibility. China is of course a big player in this, but they would would take a lead role in forming the next leadership in North Korea should anything happen.

With Trump in the White House I’d say anything is possible. He would probably risk a pre emptive war before the US mainland became in the firing line, despite the death toll it’d bring to S. Korea…


Thing is with the US military these days is that the leadership isn’t filled with hawkish drones ready to follow any obscene order from the President. They are very conscious about Trump and politically aware. I doubt they’d approve of any preemptive strike of any kind against North Korea unless the US had been very seriously directly threatened with a tangible threat.

I think if tensions do increase the joint chiefs would put pressure on congress to assert their authority.

He happy to escalate US involvement in Syria and Afghanistan because it’s comparatively low risk and he appears he’s dealing with radical islamists at the source, a move with his supporters in mind but beyond sendings a task fleet to that part of the world he’s done no real action against NK. Politically he scores points with his base with his defamatory rhetoric against NK and their leadership, he appears tough on NK but I think Trump wants to frame any actual action against North Korea as a Chinese lead decision.

Since WW2 the US have always sought international cooperation as some sort of approval for their military actions. They’re extremely unlikely to do anything solely on their own

Generally I think people overestimate NK nuclear capabilities/potential


Wow. :neutral_face: It’s terrifying that there are people out there who can believe this shit.

“Do you think the liberals are using the school shootings to further their anti-tragedy agenda?” :rofl:


“Thought the wihz kalifa vía the Rita Ora up to the cardi b”:face_with_monocle: not forgetting “they see in slow motion because of the blink 182” :thinking::man_shrugging:t5:


That Israeli character is genius :joy:

Perfect persona to lure right wing nut jobs to spout their BS


“RIP My son. He died doing what I love” hahahaha holy shit





It’s unbelievable how threatening nations over Twitter has become a thing.


Nothing’s unbelieveable when it comes to that orange cunt - except himself, and anything that comes out of his gob.

Up to his usual distraction tactics with this Iran thing, though. He’s had a bit of a week.

And once again, there’s a Trump tweet for every occasion.

Donald J. Trump
I predict that President Obama will at some point attack Iran in order to save face!

6:23 PM - Sep 16, 2013
And a bonus!
Donald J. Trump
Remember what I previously said–Obama will someday attack Iran in order to show how tough he is.

2:44 PM - Sep 25, 2013


Many primaries were held last night for the midterm elections.

How’s it looking @NeedCoffee, other yanks?

I seen so far quite a few progressive activist type people got in on the ground in Congress races etc. In Michigan.

It’s a shame Abdul El-Sayed didn’t get in as the Democratic choice for Governor, another bland candidate endorsed by all the big interests got the nod over him :xhaka:

I hear Democrats complaining again that greens denied them a win in a special election :arteta: yeah cos that will get the Green voters back voting democrat.

I see the sense of entitlement hasn’t been washed away by some humbleness.

But I’m glad, as it looks a bit hopeful, and building from the ground up is the best way, get good people at all the lower levels,.like the GOP have been doing with their scumbags.


Dems haven’t done a great job of actually appealing to independent voters or the minorities in their own base.

They’ve simply presented themselves as the lesser of two evils when it comes to Trump. And to alot of people that simply isn’t good enough anymore.

I’m beginning to see alot of activists trying to pull the party more left. DSA has a much bigger presence now than they did in years past.


It’s hard to campaign against the false economy Trump has created.

After all, how can you argue against bonuses to workers across America as a result of his tax cuts.

Republicans will argue if you want more good stuff keep the dems out because they’ll stifle the presidency with impeachment and obstruction to his agenda.

There certainly a perception that Trump ‘gets things done’ mainly because isn’t afraid to publicize his ‘wins’. His approval has been growing


I came across this being shared on Facebook:

Now I am firmly on the left, and an absolute supporter of universal access to healthcare but I can’t help but feel the tone of this tweet is incredibly symptomatic of a key problem with the left these days (perhaps any days).

McCain was an opponent, I have no doubt given what I’ve seen of him that I’d disagree any day with almost anything he thought. But he was also the man who refused to plumb the mudslinging depths in his campaign against Obama when doing so might have won him the election - a man who made a point of saying Obama was a decent man that he just fundamentally disagreed with. A man who debated, reasoned and persuaded.

The tone of that tweet was as if to say McCain deserved to be vilified in some way, and that’s the exact way I see people who believe the same things I do behaving like more and more. This man doesn’t think what we think - what a bastard! He’s the enemy! How dare anyone pay tribute to him after his death after years and years of service - he didn’t think what we think so that means he was evil all those years!

We will never win people’s support by villifying them when they don’t snap to our point of view. The left, from my point of view, seems to have to lost the art of debate or discussion or a willingness to hear views other than our own. And whilst that remains the case, we’ll remain the opposition, and a pretty ineffectual one at that.


US politics in a nutshell. Sad to see it spreading.