The U.S. Politics Thread


Except no they couldn’t because you’re too stupid to understand what fascism is and create a false equivilancy, ie ‘Hitler’s predocessors were just as bad’. Please say exactly what fascist actions the Dems have taken in your reply, which I’m sure won’t be forthcoming.

If you even pretend to be a Bernie Sanders supporter who supports Trump you should kill yourself. Either because of mass hypocricy or gross stupidity.


Lol, holy shit what a giant douche you are. And tbh it’s mainly libtards like yourself who are responisble for Trump being president in the first place. And to indulge you, lol no I’m not a supporter of Trump, in fact we had some really fucking poor choices for president but Stein would have been my pick of the four on most ballots.

Here for a quick brush up on why you don’t know what the fuck you are in fact talking about read this article. It’s hilarious some of the comments from you euros who’ve got no fucking clue what our culture is here in the states and how we’ve come to be what we are.


Ain’t gonna front, I cut down massively on my media consumption of American News. I used to be an ardent follower of the NYT. I read a few foreign news outlets now. I’ve even got a subscription to the Economist. And the quality is night and day.


Trump is easily the closest America has ever to come to electing a Fascistic leader. All the tendencies are there. Where he deviates from the most obvious examples of Fascism is a complete lack of social awareness. He’s a Kleptocrat, and has no concept of social cohesion or vitality. He strikes me as more of an African despot whose just going to engorge himself on whatever wealth comes his way. Comparing him to a Democrat is absurd. Democrats, just like the Centrist politicians here in the UK, even if they are complicit if not largely responsible for the state of things, including Trumps’ rise, still subscribe to basic notions of rule of law, and would recoil in horror at the racism and illiberal values currently gaining traction. In the absence of genuine political ideology they at least cling strongly to anti-racist ideals; they have a cultural understanding of equality and fairness even if not a political understanding of it. That makes them close to useless, but with Trump I think its going to be a disaster beyond repair.

And I have no idea what the hell a Libtard is? I’ve heard it before, but what does it actually mean?


Starting to think we should rename this place Online America. This thread is actually quality.


Not a particularly political person myself, but I get zero impression that Trump gives a fuck for anything other than himself and money.

It just seems weird to me that the American working man can vote for the guy who’s made his fortune on the backs of the working class.

Okay, maybe they weren’t getting much joy from the previous government, but selling the ‘Make America Great Again’ carrot, I can’t help but feeling Trump has pulled his greatest con yet.


All hail team America, Fuck yeh!


God if I’m misinformed I dread to think what the unwashed, uneducated masses are to you :joy:

You’re the kind of person who’s completely to blame for Trump’s success, I hope you understand that.

I saw you ask a4tt what kind of negative behaviour that the Dems/Left have engaged in that could be considered fascist but I only need point you in the direction of Antifa and the rioting leftists at Berkley to indicate it as well as various videos and twitterings promoting violence against Trump supporters. I saw a Trump supporter get maced during an interview by a masked assailant and there’s also been cases of Trump supporters getting violently assaulted by people in the streets.

That’s fascist to me.

Then there’s the democrats rigging it so that Hilary would get the nomination instead, that sort of underhanded corruption is certainly not above fascist regimes either.

You’re coming across as exactly the type of condescending, smug elitist liberal that managed to alienate and prompt a disenfranchised part of the population into voting for Trump.


I’ve come to understand it as a reference to someone who is a hopelessly naive leftist that refuses to entertain any other political or world views than their own accompanied by a strong sense of moral superiority.


Off topic but that sort describes Wengerites…


Or people like Sarah Silverman openly tweeting that the military needs to side with the libtards and actually perform a coup to remove trump from office. It’s a perfect example of just what kind of bubble these people live in, because on her time line she was absolutely blasted by military people who mainly support Trump lmao :joy:


Antifa litrelly stands for anti facist for fuck sake

If ukip or the BNP or Britian first try and have some soRt if parade near me I’ll be first in line with empty glass bottles to lob at them, that dosent make me a facist


That doesn’t mean anything if you end up using fascist means to control people you oppose fucking hell

@arsenal4thetreble have you got a link to that Sarah Silverman tweet?


It’s not all people you oppose it’s just the ones that advocate any form of racial superiority

I wouldn’t support attacking someone hat beloved in trickle down economics even though it’s bull shit

I 100% totally support smashing the shit out of white supremisists

You see the difrence?


Hate antifa with a passion . They are as facist as the BNP or the NF. The remind me of the SWP a bunch of middle class wankers pretending to to be socialists. Used to stand shoulder to shoulder with the old militant anti facist men though . Waterloo where we smashed c18 was riot and a half.


standing in line to smash C18 but people that currently do exactly that are just as bad as the fascists? How does that even make sense?


You’re making the mistake of thinking that violent tactics = fascism.

That’s like saying that the regular working class locals who fought against Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts at the Battle of Cable Street were also fascists like those they fought.

Condemn violence all you like and youll hear no argument from me, but it’s a misunderstanding of basic politics to label violence as equalling fascism, it’s more complicated than that.


Trump is what you can call “alt-right”, a mix of populism and fascism.


I’m not so sure as to whether ‘the liberal middle class’ are to blame for the rise of Donald Trump. It’s very simplistic and rather reductive to ‘blame’ liberals for Trump. It’s attempting to justify him and pin any blame for anything he does not on those that voted for him, but those who oppose him. I never see the right, either centre or further right, get blamed when someone from the left comes to power.

Regardless, whilst it’s incorrect to blame the liberal middle class for the presidency of Trump, it’s clear there’s an uneasy relationship between liberal minded left wingers and the traditional working class vote. There’s a complete contrast on values such as family, immigration, and social values. Unless the bridge can be mended in the future, then we may see a split between the Labour party into two. Or perhaps a split between the centre left and far left.