The U.S. Politics thread - turd sandwich it is


So do you think Obama was a good prez?


I’d say he did fairly well considering he faced unpresidented (:smile:) levels of obstruction and opposition from hostile Republicans. What did they call it, shutting down the government or some such shit?


How about his role in Syria? Not saying he’s any worse than any other president in regards to destabilizing the rest of the planet for whatever or whoever’s interest. Just not all that different from anyone else who came before him despite all the hype.


Agreed. They gave him a fucking Nobel peace prize for fuck all reason and he went on to bomb more countries than any other US president (or so I’ve heard), seven in total I believe.


He was…

Not terrible I guess is the best way to put it.

He normalised relations with Cuba and Iran, and saved the auto industry in the US and got their economy back up and running after the crash so I guess you could say he did a good job.

But with healthcare and so many other things like Israel/Palestine, Arab Spring, Syria/Yemen, Guantanimo and getting money out of politics an many other issues that he ran on in 2008, he has been a disappointment. And not all of that is due to obstructionist congress. His response to Snowden too.

Sneaky trade deals giving corporations mass power, mass droning, and doing groundbreaking weapons deals with the likes of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

He has tried to pander too many times to people who were not interested and people who would never ever do the same to him. (See Trump’s cabinet picks.) I’ll give you an example:

Comey. Democrats are raging at him which is hilarious. Because when he was installed, BY Obama they were lauding it as a smart pick to keep the republicans onside. They brushed off allegations that these security agencies were overrun by right wing types, saying it’s all good and you need to keep the GOP happy by giving roles to guys like this.

That worked out well lol.

The republicans would never install left wing types to run things like EPA now would they? In fact they got climate deniers on the case.

His supreme court pick, Merrick Garland too lol. He wasn’t even somebody Obama liked that much, but he put him forward to appease Republicans.

2008-16 was a missed opportunity by Obama and dipshit Democrats who did not do enough to win the other branches of government and carry out their agenda. Say what you will of the GOP, but they put the work in and energise their base. Democrats have not done that since the Bill Clinton days (if you discount Obama himself in 2008. He got plenty people energised by him personally, but none of that went to the party. Why?)

They need to work out why if they want to be in power again.


I agree with most of your post, but I don’t see him as a disappointment. He’s been fairly consistent in his politics in regards to his voting patterns before presidency. People are disappointed because they thought (and were led to believe by the media) they’d elect some left person who’ll have a positive impact on the lives of people, when Obama never was anything like that to begin with.
That’s like rejoycing over the election of Ratzinger and then being disappointed about his stance on birth control.


Don’t forget about Obama’s persecution of government whistle blowers or the rampant increase of infringement of citizens rights when it comes to surveillance. His middle Eastern/north African foreign policy has been a disaster

His legacy will be the fact that he played a massive role in creating a polictical climate where someone like Donald Trump could find executive power.


Count me in as one of those suckers who fell for the ‘yes we can’ and ‘hope’ stuff. What can I say, I was in high school at the time.

I did mention Snowden but yeah i’m with you.

Obama/Democrats reaction to Snowden and Chelsea Manning is how republicans would have reacted to the leaks had they been in power.

EDIT: What a time it has come to discus this, when the UNSC vote on Israeli settlements has now passed, as the US abstained and did not use their veto to stop the resolution passing for the first time.

Landmark thing, and I have to laud Obama for that, who did this despite opposition from his own Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, Donald Trump, AIPAC, republicans and basically everyone else in Washington. But i’m sure another massive military aid deal will pass in the next weeks to placate the Israelis (lol). And obviously it is wholly symbolic with no consequences if they ignore it (which they will).

Anyways, some good news from 2016 at least.


People (not here, on twitter etc) think this shows Obama’s support of the Palestinian state lol. He’s done so much for Israel throughout his presidency, he’s merely been slightly more moderate than any other US president.

Also Trump saying the UN will change after 20th Jan. I hope it fucking does, too reliant on the like whims and wishes of people like Trump and Putin for start. Either respect international law or don’t fucking pretend to partake in it.



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Getting nasty over there. First Israele, now Russia. Barack can’t just take it.


Take what exactly?


Trump’s win. He is still president, but it is like he trying to boycott that fake hair prat.