The search for a centre half


So with the news that Mertesacker is crocked for at least 2 months, probably several knowing our history with injured players. Wenger has spoken out in his news conference they are actively seeking a centre half.

“We have to look for an option to get a bit more experience,” he said. “We will see some of our young centre backs on Thursday [against MLS All-Stars].

So, expect us linked with every man and his dog over the coming week.


I expect us to sign some unknown, unheard of defender from some obscure team. While this has worked out well for us in some cases (Sagna, Koscielny), there have also been some disasters. I would be surprised if we sign a big name.


Sign John Brooks! He’s a semi beast right now and could become a sol Campbell beast.


Ashley Williams would be a decent option. He has plenty of PL experience.


We have Holding, Chambers and Koscielny.

Monreal and Debuchy (if he is still here) can play CH too.

End thread.


Ashley Williams wouldn’t be a bad option. Good call.


I was really hoping Wenger would opt for ability i.e Jonathan Tah for example over experience never the less be interesting to see if Arsene takes his own advice when it comes to signing a new centre back and striker.

“Football progresses always, the offense creates new problems, the defense repsonds. What has happened in the last 10 years, the strikers have become quicker and quicker”

“What happened ?”

“The defense responded by creating defenders who are quicker and quicker so now to put strikers in who are slow you really have a big problem you know, so pace will be needed”

That little bits is from > The Greatest Teams by Arsene Wenger (England) for anyone who’s interested.


Ashley Williams or Gary Cahill.


Not Williams. People judgeing him on a decent euros here. Hes a ball watching centre half who gets caught out regularly.


We have to act instantly, no time to fuck about, nobody will let go his players a few days prior the start of the league.


I guarantee we are going to buy someone like Gabriel who is simply not good enough. And we are going to have to make excuses for the whole season for him as we continue to concede shit goals directly coming from CB mistakes. “Remember how poor Koscielny was at the beginning” some will cry as if that’s scant consolation when you need a proper CB now.

Happy days.


Have you listen the manager? He is searching a defender with experience.


Great expect the next Squillaci.


We need to consider names like Adil Rami. The frenchman can play with Lolo and speaks spanish to talk with Gabriel.




Koulibaly has the experience of Rattata.


So? We should look for quality before experience.


Have you watched the career of Kalidou Koulibaly before the last season? Between Gabriel and Koulibaly there aren’t any differences. It’s stupid to spend 50M of € for a normal defender.

Cazorla Replacement

As someone who’s been watching Gabriel since he’s debut with Villarreal that’s bullshit mate. The only thing Gabriel and Koulibaly have in common is that they both play centre back.

Cazorla Replacement

Well with the Mustafi links, we could be heading in the right direction at least. Arsenal have to either hope one of Chambers or Gabriel can improve this year and form a partnership with Kos which is wishful thinking. If we signed someone like Mustafi, wouldn’t that be a jab at Gabriel more than anyone else too?