The Scum Thread

Specialist in failure.

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If that was any other manager saying that, that’s the team talk done. The players are up for the next game- “let’s not let the gaffer down”

Given that it’s Mourinho, though, you’re quite right. This could be the start of him throwing a mardy.


These are difficult to watch. He’s making a concerted effort to record his ‘reaction’, meaning it’s not his true reaction. Fake bollocks.

The best ones are the fans don’t know they are being recorded.


Oh that is so rewarding :rofl::rofl:

Why are they filming themselves.

Fucking weird cunts

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Michael Oliver…does not even know…the rules…of handball :joy:

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looks like they think it’s gogglebox


He is such a joke. Can’t wait until he bombs out of Spurs and we don’t hear from him for a while. His shtick isn’t even entertaining anymore.

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Remember when he was unemployed so was a pundit on sky and he was twerking for us.

Thank fuck we didn’t fall for it. Although he fooled some of us. Sorely disappointed in myself :disappointed:

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Remember when a load of people on here talked about the “ambition” spuds were showing signing him. Hah!


Arsenal (and Arsene) live rent free in his head. I think Arsene had the adoration of a club and its fanbase (last five years aside) that a total insecure narcissist like Mou could only dream of.


Love Mourinho to bits but that reaction shows exactly how frustrated he is at the moment.
Make no mistake about it, he will do anything to get the dub against us. Hope we don’t allow that.

Nonsense. Firstly, lol at Mourinho for taking the bait. Secondly, I’ll revel in the failings of Tottenham irrespective of the success that Arsenal experiences. This is constant. :wenger:


I agree with Mourinho.

It’s small time to be celebrating a St Totteringhams Day that may not even happen.

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Who is celebrating it right now?

Isn’t that what Mourinho was responding to? Someone connected to Arsenal revelling in the fact that we’re above them?

Ah yeah. Just seen it. It was the bramall lane thing.

I don’t like Mourinho but digs at Spurs while we’re hardly doing much better are a bit small-time

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It’s to a social media post about winning at Brammel Lane. It’s in the same post as the quotes. It’s shite social media banter that triggered him hard.

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