The Scum Thread


We are gonna end their dream. Auba and Laca. Easy.

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Arsenal ending their title race. How good would that be eh!

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Surprise surprise, the match will be played at Wembley. Seems they’re doing it on a match by match basis now which is ridiculous. They should just label the stadium saga this season a shambles and move in in August. They surely won’t be allowed to play their last few home fixtures this season there anyway.

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Let’s go there and test the back of the net a few times.



If they inaugurate their stadium this season, it would really be very unceremonious.

That said, I guess they wanna be ready in case they are in shout of the league title somehow



It’s been said before but there is no way they should be allowed to play any games at their stadium this season.



Homeless cunts. That’s it.



Last 5 games? Fuck off PL why do they suck Spurs off so much?

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No ultimatum but a suggestion the club can’t keep delaying game by game:

That sounds a bit vague.
Just a “suggestion” that they can’t keep delaying it?
I would have thought a massive fine or a points deduction might have been more appropriate.
I wonder if the PL would have been so lenient if that had been us?



I’m sure the PL would be equally accommodating to all clubs. No way they’re going to fine or deduct points over something so pointless.

It’s making Spurs look a little desperate though giving updates game by game. It was supposedly done except for security testing or whatever in like August wasn’t it? They really should try and save some face and say it’s not happening this season.

Spurs are doing well. To be honest a stadium move might be a bit of an unsettler anyway. I don’t think our first season in a new stadium did us any favours.

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I wouldn’t think that’s appropriate at all. It makes little or no difference where the games are played apart from some travel hassle for fans. And mainly spuds fans at that so who gives a fuck.



When is the DVD out?
Part 1: First coat of paint on the shithouse doors.
Part 2: Second coat of paint on the shithouse doors.
Bonus track: Outtakes from the undercoating.

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I dont think that punitive action is necessary, but in terms of making sure theres a level playing field and consistency acriss the board, teams travelling away to Spurs should allhave the opportunity to play on the same pitch and in the same stadium as others.

Spurs could be motivated by the shiny new stadium and get a boost from it, or have growing pains and not do that well after the move. Or maybe it has no effect at all. But the way to ensure that their opponents are neither advantaged or disadvantaged by this compared to all the others who just played them at Wembley, is to make them finish the season at Wembley.



Agreed. Have said basically this a number of times when this has been discussed previously too. Should have just been a done deal as soon as they played one game at Wembley.

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True…but we did only lose 1 home game over the first 2 seasons at the Emirates (better than Liverpool right now)

I catch your drift, though. We had too many draws

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Should get a penalty, imo. We opened our new stadium in time FFS!



They are gonna win the league. I am sure of it. Just so fucking lucky.



They are playing as a consistent team . I’m sick of hearing about them and the Scousers



They are winning without two of their best players, they aren’t playing well and they getting three points when they shouldn’t be.
They are definitely in with a shout of winning the PL title.



They are gonna win it for me. Everything is just clicking well for them.

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