The Scum Thread


So Alli did his hamstring. Good. Can’t feel sorry for such a cunt.

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i love how many people are taking the moral highground over laughing or celebrating this prick allis injury but so many people are saying they wish someone will break his legs or punch him in the face. How does that work you want someone to punch him the face imagine if someone did he falls over rolling on the ground and its like…ahahaha he got his face punched in, but we shouldnt actually laugh because look he is injured, from that…cant have it both ways.



They probably aren’t the same people though, obviously.

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i think most of this forum want to punch this guy in the face…how can you not :henry2:

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soon spuddies luck is gonna run out. As i said earlier on in the season when they were smashing it, they have a paper thin squad with no investment and are due injuries because of how much they rely on certain players…and look what has happened.

Only thing is that they are media darlings and the refs seem to drool over this shithole team so you know they will squeak through matches by being awarded dodgy penalties etc.



The only opposition player I hate more than Alli is Alonso. Two grade A cunts.

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At least Alli hasn’t murdered anyone. Alli is a pest during the game but Alonso is a bad person off the field.



Murder is a very emotive term.



Now Poch and Spurs will be really tested with Kane and Alli out. A combination of Llorente, Son Heung Min, Moura and Lamela. Not that bad but not great. Jammy they have cup games then 3 PL home games on the bounce next, well I say home…We really need to beat them again



It would be criminal if they didn’t buy any player in january, giving their injury list. Better if they didn’t do it though :henry2:

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How else would you describe getting off your face drunk and crashing your car which resulted in the death of a passenger?




I know it’s probably not true, but the idea of signing Andy Carroll to solve an injury crisis is pretty funny



You have to include Kane as well.
AKA Alli, Kane and Alonso.

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Manslaughter probably, though perhaps there’s a charge which is called something like death by dangerous/negligent driving in this country.

It evidently wasn’t murder, by any common definition of the term. Because murder hinges on premeditation and intent to kill the person.

Always willing to entertain the notion that I could be mistaken or wrong about a definition, in this case given I don’t have a legal background.

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Yeah, we have something called auto manslaughter in Maryland. Other jurisdictions in the USA have something similar.



Alonso is a cunt either way. I hope he stands on numerous plugs barefooted

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I’m waiting for one of our players to teach him a lesson when we play them; he’s got away with so much cuntery against us.



Mixed also with glass and copious amounts of lego and sticklebricks!

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