The Scum Thread


Good. The guy and his mum are weirdos.

Not worth the baggage.


Thinking they’ll be the ones to give Howe a chance at the top 6.


Only £70k p/w right now. Wow.

He could walk into any top side and comfortably earn above 200k p/w.


Kudos to Spurs how they pay such (relatively) shit wages and keep everyone happy.

We throw money at the problem and think it’ll solve it lol


That’s ridiculous.
Players like Walcott are earning almost double that and Eriksen is spurs best player.


Spurs, from what I’ve read at least, have more performance related bonuses than most clubs.


He’s clearly not happy or he’d have signed a new deal. And Danny Rose went public about not being happy. Kane signed two contracts in the space of 18 months…


That would explain why Kane is determined to claim every goal


Lol yeah! Everyone is just happy to play well and win nothing.


Luca’s back! Luca’s back! Luca’s back!




You’d think they’d have a stadium to pay off :thinking:


Not to mention hundreds of staff.


If they sold Kane and Erikson tho, that’s a huge chunk to rebuild a team with.


Also with that kind of cash flooping around it’s a huge opportunity to call them a cheque book team.

I can’t wait.


Well they have more net spend than us in the PL era even after the Bale thing.


Starting early, I like it.


Have a feeling when one player eventually goes, they all start dropping off that project. And realistically, they can’t buy mega big players either.

Hamstrung paying off a massive stadium bill whilst trying to stay relevant in the league, with this much competition in the top 6 alone.

Has a feel of the Night King, dragon, melted wall about it all :henry2:


Rather than saying “we are going to have to sell before we buy,” why doesn’t Pochettino say what he really thinks, which is, I won’t have this problem at Man U or Real Madrid.


It’s not about spend. It’s about net spend. :sunglasses: