The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

A historical precedent would be the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After years of overspending on defence, a protracted war there where the USSR was completely bogged down pretty much finished their economy off.

The U.S. helped by creating a little known fighting force called the “mujahideen” which later mutated into what we now call Alqaida and the Taliban.


Forever funny


Also, I can’t read or hear the word “Mujahideen” without thinking of this scene


I bet they regretted those arms sales when those very same weapons were used against them 20 years later.

Nahh, I’m sure Halliburton, BAE, Lockheed, Boeing and all of the other weapons manufacturers were delighted that their cash cow from the 70’s was still paying dividends. Dead civilians and soldiers are good for business.

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That scene is so fucking funny.

That whole film in general is incredibly funny.

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We really need an oil alternative (that doesn’t introduce new problems) to kill off multiple world political issues.

Great news


Without bothering to read the article does this mean it takes 90% of the money to blow things up and 10% to put things back together again .

Still think it would be easier to find a Russian Claus Von Stauffenberg to finish the job off.

It’s probably partly the fact that the more that’s spent on defence, the less future stuff is likely to be blown up and therefore need putting back together again…

I also have not yet read the full article


Can’t really start the rebuild if the Russians are still blowing stuff up.

Although this is also definitely political signalling for the Russians lol

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