The RB situation

With Bellerin out till October

Who would you play RB. I’d like a new signing but we don’t have money ffs :arteta:

  • AMN
  • Sir Jenko
  • Mr can’t run

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Jenko to rescue

Give it to AMN till the end of the season. Unless he really fucks up, then Jenko. With Licht as last resort.

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I suppose it demonstrates his improvement but Bellerin was crucial to our top four hopes.

The other stand ins just don’t bring the same qualities to the table, huge blow to lose him for even a month let alone rest of the season as is being reported.


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Maitland-Niles is the best option available. Generally mature in possession, does have an engine to get forward, albeit lacking the quality of Bellerin. There’s probably not a lot in it between him and Jenkinson tho. We’re going to be suspect defensively with either.

Please no-one vote for Lichtsteiner. Don’t do it to yourself.

Amn is shit, we’re doomed if he’s starting every game for us.


Liverpool are onto their 4th choice right back for their next game, we’ve got it easy :eyes:

Jenko at this point.

Honestly, I would actually give Jenkinson a shot ahead of Lichtsteiner at this point


Osei Tutu

If we had money this would be the ideal time to go to Palace and pay what Palace want for AWB


Jenko would be my option but none of the options inspire me for a solid back line

AMN easy. Lichtsteiner and Jenko are just :face_vomiting: worthy options

People keep mentioning this Max Aarons from Norwich as a potential player we’re looking to bring in (in the summer though).

Maitland Niles is realistically the only choice.
At least he is a competent footballer with potential.
I’m not sure what Jenkinson is, but a footballer for a top PL club, he isn’t.

Doubt Jenko would be a bad cover at RB. Honestly, there are many teams that have it much worse in the full back positions.
Weirdly, Bellerin’s form and health eliminated any chance of our back up RBs to get any game time before.
Jenko, Debuchy(who does amazingly at France now and almost made it to the French NT team for the WC) and Chambers can testify to that.
Anyway, hopefully this is a one-off season for Bellerin that seems to be tarnished with injuries lately.

We need a new right back full stop. Jenko as he is a defender.

He’s well out this clubs price range now.

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