The randomly nothing thread

Pixel hive chiming in.

The only time I would use my laptop would be to print something off. Other than that. I am 100 percent phone for everything :joy: no idea why someone would use a laptop to specifically buy a holiday :jorginho:

I do this from my phone too

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Interestingly, I have never booked a holiday off my phone.

A conputer just feels right!

I understand completely what this man is talking about.

But flights dont count as a big purchase.

I am a complete Laptop guy.

Mobile is more or less useless if I have my laptop in front of me. Mobile only gets used the most when I am pooping or travelling.

And heck, it needs to be an emergency for me to book a flight ticket on my cellphone.

I remember you posted some really weird Chromebook as your laptop once. Do you not need a desktop or laptop for your job?

Maybe not for you island people that are close to other islands but for us far away island people, flight is always big purchase.

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I speak only for myself fellow island dweller. :slight_smile:

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Work provides the computer and screens. I am talking about personal ones.

I can do anything I want on my phone. So having a laptop is pointless and a waste of money.


Definitely Wallace!

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Radiohead’s a great band so I’m cool with Shiloh

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Shiloh or Wallace.

I repulse women so any of them will not bother me


This is my favourite in the category of Americans thinking everything is about them


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