The randomly nothing thread

Yes it’s relevant because it’s probably more likely it happens to you if you are in that position. Whether it’s creepy or not is another debate, but this type of thing is going to happen. And let’s not pretend like her appearance isn’t a big part of her public image.

And if it were my mrs, sister or daughter who had this happen to them in the exact same circumstances, I’d think it was creepy like this is but I’d also be aware that it’s not illegal. Other members of the public are welcome to say something if they want to becuase that isn’t illegal either.


“Don’t take pics of me in public guys” :joy::joy:


the fact he is bragging about the photo by posting it online and @ing the girl like some weird flex is worse than taking the photo like a creep and no one knowing

Yeah I was wondering if she was an OF type etc

Yeah the guy is a fucking weirdo for doing that, and imo that’s the weirdest part of it

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Almost like he sees nothing wrong a woman having pictures taken of her unknowingly. Ew. Creep vibes

I’m sorry to repeat myself here but I don’t think the influencer thing is relevant because as the guy said - he didn’t know who he was taking a picture of.

Is it possible it’s more likely she’d be recognised by “fans?” Is that what happened here? Certainly doesn’t seem that way.

If this happened to someone you know, would you really be satisfied with “it’s not illegal”?

You don’t have to do something illegal to get a stadium ban, it would be straightforward for the club to ban this kind of behaviour as part of the terms of having a ticket.

Two things can be true at once.

He’s disgusting and I’d hope his friends (if he has any) drag him for being a tramp.

Her asking the club to do something is extremely rich.

I haven’t got anything else to add on the matter except it seems a gross double standard. Being dressed like that to a game is sadly going to get a lot of ‘wrong’ attention. The question is, ‘what is right attention?’

I’m sure her analytics have increased today

It’s crazy! Pick and choose types playing victim.

He is definitely more in the wrong, but this type of behaviour shouldn’t be linked to our club.

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He made a mistake by admitting it but this is no different from taking a random pic of the stadium and some hot girl end up being in the frame.

How can you possibly legislate this? How can you determine the intent of any pic?

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So in your book, is posting something like this a green light to treat someone however you want to?

I’m being facetious obviously, but there’s a big difference between what someone chooses to share and what is done without their consent. But in this case, that isn’t even the point.

This guy is going around the stadium, apparently taking photos of random women he finds attractive and that is properly weird behaviour that the club probably should be explicit in not permitting.

Did the tongue pose gave it away? Haha

Such a victim.

I think intent in how those hypothetical photos are taken matters quite a lot.

It’s relevant because she responded to it the way she did. She is happy to post pictures with less clothes on for literally the entire internet to see but this is an issue for her? There’s literally dudes saving those pics and jacking it on the daily to them.

I just think it’s rich to not be aware of this potentially happening when you make the lifestyle choices she clearly does.

Again, it’s creepy, but that’s reality.

And yeah, if it happened to someone I know then I’d say something about it at the time if I saw it but tbh if my sister was posting OF style pics on fucking Twitter then I’m deadset telling her to get a fucking grip and realise if she wants to do that sort of thing, she’s gonna attract some creeps. And there’s zero chance I’m dating a chick who does this shit.

So many people in my generation want to be outraged at one thing and do shit that contradicts it the very next move they make.


Why did he post it? Is that also a “mistake” as what ever his idea was it backfired significantly in the comments under his post

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Could you screenshot? I can’t actually see replies because, you know, that would involve having a Twitter account :joy:

While I don’t agree, I do at least see where you’re coming from.

But in this case, is the issue not far more about the guy is is clearly taking photos of random women around the stadium than it is about this one particular person he’s done it to?

Like all the debate here is about her, but surely he is the problem.

Dude ratted on himself, he should be criticized.
He pretty much admitted that he saw a hot girl, specifically took pictures of her, multiple ones to be exact. He himself says it’s pervy.

Ironically, if he posted one of the pictures and said something like “women representing The Arsenal”, the response will be the complete opposite.



Nah even if he said that he’d have got shit on by everyone. He took pictures of a woman unknowingly. Can’t sugarcoat it at all. It’s fucking weird