The Randomly Nothing thread

Too bloody true, mate. A very good friend of mine was a DI with the Thames Valley Police, and I’ve heard his mention of people stepping in front of an express. Absolutely horrific.

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Ranks very low on my Crips index.

It’s only good for cutting up the roof of your gob


Must be nice. Maybe I should move there.

You’re in Edmonton. It looks beautiful there.

That being said, Glasgae is often given a bad rep. I loved it the one time I went there.

Oh, Edmonton’s lovely, but speaking as an advancing insomniac . . .

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Heroin is a great sleep aid

Go back to your tiers, fool

Gotta love YouTube.

Just used it to help fix a leaky tap in my kitchen and save the cost of getting someone in to do it. Part time plumber me.


Did the same thing with a plugged up toilet. My neighbour got dinged $200 a while ago by a plumber for that service.

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Can someone explain this meme haha

That’s Mad Men, isn’t it? So an advertising agency trying to sell advertising for the Burnley West Brom match is my best guess. Or actually, they’re probably trying to sell the actual match to the public.


Yeah definitely that.

Pitching Burnley vs West Brom as a big £15 PPV event to the fans.

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If it was lockdown again this is the one that gets thrown too Pick isn’t it.

“Here we have the best cure for insomnia”

Tune me in. I need that.

I read a headline earlier about Newcastle fans organising a boycott of whatever one of their games is up for PPV and they’ve raised over 20 grand for charity instead. :clap:


Superb :clap:


Yeah seen that myself. Food bank I think. Work last week talked about this. People said they wouldn’t but you know some will regardless what they re tweet on Twitter.
Football fans do have the power but they really don’t have the convictions in a lot of cases.
Football kits are too dear. Buy. Tickets too expensive. Buy. Sky bt. Buy.
Depends on budgets but even though you know it’s too much if you have the cash people pay. PPV will be the same.

Burnley too