The Randomly Nothing thread


Wooooooo on New York!

Airplanes are the fucking worst thing in the world


Bayer Leverkusen can fuck off!


Proud day for the Trialist family. All 5 brothers start together.


Martial knows we aint no push overs. We gonna shit on bayern :poop::poop::poop::poop:


They are worse bottlers than us so they can fuck off :wink:


A bit of fun

I scored 70% on this, some of them I remember and some of them are kinda guessable. No spoilers!



Only if they wanted to kill the show stone dead, Danny boy. Lol.


Can see it now in his cockney accent ‘oi get in tha tardis naaaaaaahhhh you fuckin’ twat’


Ahahahaha :joy::joy:


Someone is in troubleeeeeee. :cech:


Yup, not just police either imagine the head of the cartel waking up to that news this morning, holy shit will there be mass murders for this, heck they will behead people for a few hundred bucks, but this… £50m worth, fucking hell things are gonna be brutal heads definitely will roll!


Who the fuck does this girl think she is trying to kid, she wins the lottery spends the money says she is fed up with buying designer stuff and its ruined her life because of struggles of keeping a boyfriend etc and she is looking into suing the lottery company, what to get more money…ooohhhh the irony:


Couldn’t help but notice this, wow :joy:

Not my profile, but doesn’t take a genius who’s it is though :smiley: , What a contrast from top to next…


I’mma guess it’s a bastart’s account? :wink:




That is fucking brilliant


Wheres a clapping gif when you need one.


I shouldn’t laugh really as that article is pretty much describing my actual job :see_no_evil: but I think that’s what makes it so funny, because it’s all sadly very true. Shame the letter is not real though.


Bubble bursting time…That’s from a satire website.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this and then found out it wasn’t made up.

Still entertaining though :slight_smile: