The Randomly Nothing thread


Is Greggs open at 3am?


LOL, hahaha all the swearing too )




they always say this though lol, then we end up with just enough snow for it to just about to settle and you cant make much more than a slush-man, and its gone in like 1 day.


That’s amazing. How people always are totally unprepared for snow. It does tend to snow sometimes, in fact it has snowed sometimes for a few thousand years now.
8 inches is really nothing here in Sweden, but I understand if your not used to it. There’s a really simple way of not getting yourself killed though. Stay inside, don’t go driving because you probably won’t have anyone plowing for you or have studded tires fitted to your car. I remember when living in London in the eighties and it snowed 1-2 inches. Chaos, totally chaos.


The British have always gone way over the top about our climate though, it’s never going to be as hot, or as wet, or snowy as some other part of continental Europe, yet we’ll always find a way to moan. The weather is so unpredictable that every time it changes we take it to extremes.


20cm of snow and England falls into chaos :joy:


And news reporters on the telly will be legally obliged to describe the weather conditions as being “treacherous”.


Has there actually been a lot of snow today then?


None in London, but we’re not expecting much. The north and Scotland have been forecast the worst of it.

I’m still fully expecting the trains down here to be disrupted though, due to “adverse weather conditions” or my personal favourite, “the wrong kind of snow” :neutral_face:


Just like in the summer, when the temperature goes above 90 degrees, the Sun has a headline saying,
“Phew, What A Scorcher.”


The continued existence of the Daily Express newspaper is down to the fact that a) weather changes a lot in the UK and b) not all diseases have been cured yet


Yep and not forgetting the reporter wearing his north face coat.


There you go!


Either this is click bait or Arsenal fans don’t know their months of the year :joy::joy:

Giroud was in JANUARY lads :wink:


Snow here as well!


When you’re best friends actually think Ronaldo is better than Messi.


30p?! What is this fuckery??!! :neutral_face:


Fuck i heard about that. Fuck the world. shit goes up with my age


If you’re an adult and buying Freddos for yourself then you have issues.