The R.I.P thread


I might go back to my old avatar as tribute…

If He lets me…


Whenever he’s brought up my first thought is Boogie Nights. That’s a fucking good film


Fantastic in Deliverance.

I grew up watching Cop and a Half over and over again, haha. Wasn’t even the best film. Just seeing Burt Reynolds as a curmudgeonly old man warming to an extrovert kid was great on-screen chemistry


Just got dueling banjos in my head now.


He was live action Archer.


I did it.

Went back to my old avatar.

RIP Bert… Keep on Cannonballing!!


I watched deliverance last night what a fantastic film.


RIP Mac Miller…


Drug overdose.

Poor guy :slightly_frowning_face: RIP


Never been interested in his music at all, but 26 is no age to go :pensive:


RIP Kevin Beattie .
Brilliant footballer . A truly brilliant defender .
Had the pleasure of seeing him play at Portman Road and at Highbury.
RIP fella


RIP, had a good innings but a great shame


Loved it when he was teamed up with Frank Muir. Oops, showing my age now.