The R.I.P thread


I might go back to my old avatar as tribute…

If He lets me…


Whenever he’s brought up my first thought is Boogie Nights. That’s a fucking good film


Fantastic in Deliverance.

I grew up watching Cop and a Half over and over again, haha. Wasn’t even the best film. Just seeing Burt Reynolds as a curmudgeonly old man warming to an extrovert kid was great on-screen chemistry


Just got dueling banjos in my head now.


He was live action Archer.


I did it.

Went back to my old avatar.

RIP Bert… Keep on Cannonballing!!


I watched deliverance last night what a fantastic film.


RIP Mac Miller…


Drug overdose.

Poor guy :slightly_frowning_face: RIP


Never been interested in his music at all, but 26 is no age to go :pensive:


RIP Kevin Beattie .
Brilliant footballer . A truly brilliant defender .
Had the pleasure of seeing him play at Portman Road and at Highbury.
RIP fella


RIP, had a good innings but a great shame


Loved it when he was teamed up with Frank Muir. Oops, showing my age now.


Such a shame, i didnt know he was sick.


American pride and dignity… it was found brutally bludgeoned and we are still trying to determine the time of death, but it appears to be some time in the last 600 days or so… also looks like a case of frequent and repeated abuse over that time.


Good entertainer, that fella. R.I.P.


wow so young as well :santi:



Rip Geoff

Sign ur getting old when people from ur child hood passing away


That or you could just check your age.