The Podcast Thread

Thank you that’s appreciated.

Really haven’t thought about Stitcher, or possibly acquiring an RSS feed. Not saying we wouldn’t but I don’t know much about it, definitely will look into it.

Could one of you kind gooner folk explain to a wrinkly ol’fart what a pod cast is ?
I’ve heard of it but no idea what you do with one .

For the most part it’s it’s just a person or a number of people talking about a particular subject and then putting that conversation online. Stitcher is the main app I use for it.

I’ll be giving his a listen tomorrow for sure.

@LoTheGooner i listened to it this morning. Gotta say good job. :slight_smile: It sounds like yous have a great set up there with the fan club.

Loved the intro, was trying to place which games the goals were from, some more obvious than others. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t get to this yet but I will. The trials and tribulations of having a 3 month old and all that.

On the plus side you’re awake more so more time to check if we’ve signed anybody. :gunnersaurus:

Ya it’s been weird I thought my phone/internet time would decrease significantly but it’s actually increased!

Thanks for the feedback and listening. Still need to work on slowing down rather than fumbling over words but for a first time I was pretty content with it.

Glad you liked the intro!!

2nd GoonerCast now uploaded. Thanks to anyone who is able to listen!

Is it just the two of you going “What the actual fuck” for an hour? :slight_smile:

(pretty much what the part of Arsecast ive listened to so far is)

Haha. No! I did just finish listening to the Arsecast, as always great stuff.

Yeah always look forward to listening to it. The two of them are such a great partnership. Although I can’t believe I was such a late listener! My first one was the United defeat in February…

The latest ABW Book Review with Author Alex Flynn (Arsenal - The Making of A Modern Superclub) is out. Great listen and updated to current date.

ABW is produced by OA Legend Danny the GFP.


Great episode this. He is a measured voice in the whole debate about money. Frankly there are few who know as much about it as he does.

Small correction and it was probably an autocorrect but its Fynn rather than Flynn. :slight_smile:

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This weeks arsecast extra is 1 hour 24 minutes! :joy: I wonder why… :thinking:

Can’t wait to listen tomorrow evening. Would have listened tonight but I watched MNF instead.

Anyone listened to it?

Remember their being a few fans of this on here. So posting if you haven’t seen it.


Been listening to this and a lot of their back catalogue recently. Their 4 part series on L Ron Hubbard was amazing. Cheers for the nod in their direction :+1:

Definitely expecting a Goodly Morning on tomorrows Arsecast :smiley:


Anyone listen to athletico mince? Gangs of the EPL and Barry Homeowner are up their with some of Bob Mortimers best work

So their have been a few new football podcasts started this season most notibly with ian macintosh starting the totally football show having poached James Richardson from the football weekly show to host it

Currently I have

Gardian football weekly
The football ramble
The independent football podcast
Total football podcast by the times
The totally football show (as mentioned above)
The second captains
Bt sport football writers podcast
The set piece menu
The big interview win Greaham hunter
The sqwaka talker
The whistle blowers
The arsenal vision podcast
Athletico mince

almost enough to be constantly listening to football podcasts all day all week at work!

Any I’ve missed??