The Podcast Thread

While I’m here I’ll give a shout out to Conan O’Briens podcast. He’s a completely silly bastard and I’ve had a serious amount of laughs listening to them. The episode with Will Arnett is a particular highlight.

Also Scroobius Pips distraction pieces is top class. Really interesting guy and he’s 300+ episodes deep so lots to go back on there.


I don’t know why but I really feel part of their circle when Louis is on the podcast haha.

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Adam Buxton is on today’s Arsecast if you are interested


What?! Surely not, the man definitely knows fuck all about football, let alone Arsenal :joy:


He has interviewed John Robson a bunch of times though.

I love the new “slow WiFi” jingle, you caught that one? So well put together haha

Not sure I have tbh. Especially if it’s a recent episode. I’ll be driving to my jobs again next week so I’ve got a backlog of podcasts I’m going to be catching up on now, can’t wait!

Ah fair, I don’t listen to Arsecast at all. So are the interviews even tangentially about football, or is it just a load of waffle? (which I mean in a positive sense)

This is first time I’ve ever seen him getting a randomer on. Probably running low on content as during the summer the Friday ones are rested till the season starts again :joy:

It’s usually full of waffle but arsenal and football related waffle and some serious ish arsenal discussion.

Friday one is usually looking forward to the next game and interview with people on a football related reason. Like a journalist or wages expert etc.

I actually meant Adam Buxton has interviewed Jon Ronson a bunch of times and Ronson is a Gooner so it’s the most tedious of connections I was making :grin:

Although Jon Ronson has been on the Arsecast a bunch of times too.

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@JakeyBoy have you been listening to Revisionist History revisited? It’s basically a top five as voted by listeners and a bit of extra content. Worth another listen I would say. :+1:


Ah no, I haven’t. Really enjoyed Talking to Strangers, but that didn’t last long in terms of filling the gap the lack of new podcasts has left. Will deffo check these out, ta mate

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Right @SRCJJ you mentioned listening to that episode of Quickly Kevin I recommended. Either you didn’t get round to it, or you thought it was shit and you didn’t wanna follow up with that opinion and possibly upset me.

Either way, I’m moving on to a recommendation I can guarantee you’ll fucking love, unless someone else has beaten me to this…

People’s Party with Talib Kweli, a weekly hop hop (though it seems to cover some politics and culture more generally too) podcast interviewing big names in the game. I haven’t yet listened to a whole episode, but I’ve seen a lot of clips on YouTube. Latest of which was Method Man yesterday, and this finally moved me to confirm its a podcast and get subscribed.

There’s a young woman on there who I guess is a co host of sorts, her role seems fairly limited from the clips I’ve seen, but she does seem a bit fucking asinine at times and I don’t see what she adds. But I think that doesn’t dominate the show at all based on clips I’ve seen.

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Talib Kweli’s first handful of releases, say from Black Star to Struggle have some great songs on them. Let me know how the podcast turns out, this sounds nice

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Haha, I listened to a couple of episodes but don’t think I took to the personalities in it. There was an episode on Football Italia (off head) and I just didn’t really take to the styles of the presenters. I also listened to a couple episodes where they were trying to create the greatest team of the decade (and then I quickly realised it was just based on their favourite players and nothing about then actual quality of the player).

I enjoyed it but not enough to want to keep listening to it. I’ll give this one a listen though, as I love Talib Kweli and I’ve always thought hip-hop was missing a proper informative podcast. I love to hear the stories and thoughts and opinions of big names so this is exciting.

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That’s fair, can understand the people on it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. I reluctantly gave it a go cos I do not like Josh Widdecombe’s work generally. What I would say is that the best episodes are the interviews with footballers and refs, hands down. They’re excellent insights into the nineties. But maybe not worth checking out if you’re not feeling the hosts in fairness. It’s also absolutely not the podcast for people who want any sort of forensic analysis, their best team episodes will likely have absolutely fuck all to do with the quality of the players, and is fsr more likely to reflect cult hero status or random incidents only they remember. Definitely depends on what you’re looking for.

I’ve downloaded the episodes with Method Man and Ice Cube, I’ll report back :slightly_smiling_face:

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