The PL on streaming services

This is is superb watch from tifo. So interesting and informative.

This really needs to happen!!!


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Good vid though. Think we’re ten years or more away this becoming a reality. There will be toe dipping galore in this area and almost exclusively in Asian markets I’d imagine but the current three year cycles don’t really allow enough time for all the intricacies to be worked out before something like this could be launched.

It took Amazon the guts of a decade to even make a bid on some games and even then that was a batch of games basically specifically designed to entice them in.

And will the clubs go for it? Hard to know. The money is basically guaranteed as it is and more importantly it’s a set amount. If the PL was running the entire show the money would be fluctuating and it would be hard to plan…although if the billion a year came to pass that might not be such a big deal.

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Can get the wrinkles out of my own clothes and prepare my own vegetables thanks, don’t need the Premier League getting involved.

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I don’t know if I could trust the premier league to get the technicals and infrastructure down for a smooth streaming service that works in crisp 4K HD or whatever.

I’d rather they just sell all the rights to Amazon or Netflix for some absurd amount so I can watch games as I please.

All this malarkey about having to pay £70 per month to two different providers to watch the occasional Arsenal game that gets televised is ridiculous.


They can do what amazon did just used Btsports to broadcast the matches to them.

I am sure the Premier league can hire someone with tech know how to build a decent streaming platform for it

You do know the Premier League run all the other countries except for America I think with their in-house television company Premier League Productions from London?

Sorry I’m not sure I follow.

Are you saying they have a streaming service in other countries?

When I watch PL football in Denmark and the US it’s always on Kanal 5/TV3 or NBC.

He means broadcast of actual PL football being shown in most foreign countries on their respective channels are using the feed from the Premier league’s own London based TV production company to broadcast the football matches.

It’s a very vanilla feed offered by the PL which shows the match, highlights from other games and stats at half time


Ohhh right I see, I think I’ve streamed that feed before from some dodgy Ukrainian sites haha

Just having a feed compared to running your own platform and subscription service are quite different though aren’t they?

It is, I don’t just don’t think the PL has the vision or capacity to make their own streaming service a reality. The size of the task is too large imo and effective roll out would take a very long time, you’re basically creating a tech company from literally nothing.

They’re better off farming out to either amazon or google who already has a global infrastructure in place already


Yep agreed.

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Without reading too much in to those articles will this not be a worse outcome than Amazon gaining the majority of rights.

The Amazon package would be cost effective, I feel like this way we might get ripped off?

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Yeah me and my girlfriend already have Prime, so pl games there would be amazing for me.

I have no intention of paying like £35 a month to watch Arsenal play 2 games a month or whatever.

I may be inclined if it was <£10 pm, but I doubt that.

Would you only watch the Arsenal games?