The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Dross Barkley


@Stroller and @InvincibleDB10 :wink:



Wonderful, City need to beat them 5 or 6 nil and get their GD down for us.


Wtf 3-0 down already :arteta:


City play with such purpose. Unrivalled tbh. Every single player knows what to do in every situation. Actually great to watch tbh.


Lol @ Chelsea.

Watching city highlights how much we’re far behind.




Who gives a fuck. Only Chelsea count for us.


LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Give Sarri a fucking cigarette!





@Aussiegooner, Chelsea so much better than us, right?


Goalkeeper should be saving that every time


72mil keeper :joy:

Leno > Kepa


City are going to get Chelsea’s GD below ours singlehandedly heh heh heh


Sarri won’t last here, he’s too stubborn. Is he capable of damage limitation?

They’re still pressing high, this is going to get even more ugly.



It is weird seeing a team other than Arsenal getting thrashed away in the north west :laughing:

I actually feel some pity for Chelsea. This must be what neutral fans feel watching us all the time :see_no_evil:


No :poldi:


Hazard is so gone come summer :laughing: