The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread (old)

Use this thread for non-Arsenal Premier League matches. :ozil:

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These rules won’t be enforced consistently, the likes of Rooney would be getting sent off every week.

If the word “fuck off” = Red Card, the ref will find himself alone on the pitch along with the ball.

To be honest, its been a long time coming, gets tiring seeing players surrounding the ref after every decision…needs a clampdown…there will be a spate of sending offs early on…it will calm that shit down, then it will lapse a little

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Fantastic to have friday games like in the Championship this season :smiley:

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Football is back!!1

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And Hull cannot field 11 players! :arteta:

Id love to see it happen but dont think it will. First ref to do this will get a shed load of flak and then miss a few weeks getting matches.
Managers and ex players will give it the usual emotion of the game crap.
The ref will get the usual follow up then of losing the game. Football really just doesnt have the class to do respect.

The Premier League has officially started!
Oh! Davies just wide! Chance for Hull!

MDC is open :wink:

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Spuds are losing already…normal EPL service is resumed. (now that i have said that you watch them win)

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Very good day so far. Hope it continues…


DAMN, equalised pain in the arse.

I see Negredo scored on his Middlesborough debut, nice start

1-1 Saints and Tottenham. Lamela is quite handsome under Pochettino.
The cunts from Stoke equalize as well.

In before someone posts that he’s better than Giroud. :giroud:

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Rondon puts WBA ahead against Palace. I think Palace have won just one game since the start of 2016.

Really interested to see what Pep does with Manchester City.

I watched a lot of La Liga last year (thank you Bein Sports) and saw a lot of Nolito. He’s got all the tools to be another Roberto Soldado in England. Also, does anyone know if Sane is injured because he’s not even listed on the bench.