The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


He’s saving easy shots tbh but yeah he’s not finished, isn’t world class though IMO.


Easy if they shoot straight at you :roll_eyes:


No he isnt but he has been a good signing over the years tbh.


Oh definitely, he’s been pretty damn good for them overall.

VARDY @DavidHillier





Beautifully worked goal, too. How many passes?


What’s the game like? Do Leicester have momentum?


They have outplayed Tottenham, but couldn’t take their chances.


Vardy FFS.

Leicester are gonna get one more big chance in the last 9 mins.

Lloris takes a goal kick. The Leicester fans “aaaaaaaaah twat! Youre shit, aaaaaah!”


Can we add Danny Rose to the c’nt list that already includes Lingaard and Alli?


Rose dives, but he complains he was fouled :bellend:


Okazaki should have come on earlier instead of Iheanacho. Hes been bloody awful since signing for City


Okazaki has no goal in like 36 games lol.





@Luca_from_Italy edit your post dude.


Very very fortunate win for Spurs, this


Well taken that.


Told you it is their year. Just too lucky.


Tottenham haven’t drawn this season, it’s just pure insanity.


One goal scored more than us :gabriel: