The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


If Owners like Shiek and Roman never came in Liverpool wouldn’t have to pay huge prices for players, all Liverpool are doing is adapting to the times being smart enough to sell high to they can buy for the positions they need.

Arsenal on the other hand…


Milner, Wijnaldum and Henderson versus Silva x 2 and Fernandinho?

City will dominate possession but will probably get torn apart on the counter. Kompany is going to get rinsed by the pace / movement of that front 3.

Desperate for City to get a win here but can’t see it.


Sky have Laporte at LB


If City fall behind I have a feeling they will crumble like they did the CL quarter final first leg. They don’t seem to handle pressure well at all, and are definitely better leaders than when they have to come from behind.



FFS :kos2:




What did I just see haha :joy::joy:


Can’t wait to watch this match as a neutral, two incredible teams


Liverpool’s defensive structure is insane


City fans making some noise wtf


Getting boring James back in there for this one instead of Fabinho is a smart move


Expert City to win. Can’t see them losing again.


Game of the season. Already entertaining imo.

Hope City do them, because I don’t want Liverpool to go unbeaten.


Welcome back Luca :slight_smile:

Alisson is Pool’s N10 tonight.


Welcome back


It’s amazing how well Liverpool press as one unit. They close down all the important space


Cheers mates.


Welcome back Luca!


Welcome back @Luca_from_Italy hope you had a good Christmas. :+1: