The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Luca is always so chipper before a big game, and when we inevitably get roasted he is raging :arteta:


Pretty much


Luca gets excited about big games like I used to 10 years ago, but I learnt my lesson rather quick.


Hattrick from Lukaku


Good imo.

The guy somehow turns it on in big games, the guy stopped Hazard, and Salah last season among others.

Comically bizarre but yeah




Already 1-0 to Chelsea. Pedro.

1-0 Chelsea at HT. They should have already killed the game off. Fulham offering nothing going forward.
Fulham pushing more now.


Chambers has been class today


Looking quite wavy high up the pitch.


2-0 Chelsea FT. Great team goal.


Done with the Premier League. They can fuck off for how much they are corrupted. Always the same story every season.


you say this but you will be watching every week you just cant help it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha classic Walcott. Through on goal, beats the keeper, trips at the ball.


This thread is noticeably quieter, when Luca is not around to post in it :sweat_smile:


I like Luca :slight_smile:


Tbh who cares about this shit Liverpool derby haha when we’ve just done the scum.

Also I love Luca’s goal posts. Does the forum a great service


As do many of us, but certain behaviour can’t be ignored. Not that I’m saying you are suggesting this, but none of us like banning Luca or anyone. We deleted about eight of his posts today before I reluctantly pulled the trigger and banned him. Each post alone was pretty much ban worthy, but it still took a big accumulation before we did it.

He also is a repeat offender, he’s completely incapable of learning from previous mistakes and talking tos he’s had. It is a shame because he’s a proper character and in many ways great to have around on the forum.


yeah yeah I understand I just wanted to say that I like the guy :smiley:


Tbh any other forum he’d have been permanently banned long ago at least its just temp bans he gets haha


Just got back from watching Arsenal Spurs, it may have ruined football for me forever. My expectations are now sky high and this Liverpool Everton match is bloody wank!

Just give the people what they want and show a replay of the only derby that actually matters! I mean, i’m gonna need to watch the entire match again anyway!