The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


League cup as we can win that. Be in with every chance of still making top 4 with 20 odd games to go. Plus I dont want the spuds having a chance of ending their trophy drought and LC is the easiest route.


Whilst City are still in it I can’t see anyone other than them winning the LC.


Down on their to do list and they field weaker sides in this. Plus its all 90 minute games now. Wigan beat them in the FA cup last year in a record breaking season too.


Has the Semi Final been changed to a one off game this season ? Yeah I thought that the 90 minute one off game would help us in last seasons final, but City just battered us.


As good as they look now, there is still every chance they win nothing at all. Only 2 points ahead in the league and CL is not simple and the rest is cup football. No guarantee of anything.


How about you mate on this question.


A draw in the league and a win in the Cup. That way we’re not losing any of them :wink:


City once lost a final to relegated Wigan.
Anything can happen in knockout football.


This is true although this city team is a different beast to the 2013 team. But yeah you’re right, anything can happen in a one off game.


Cardiff play Wolverhampton today.



Comments section makes interesting reading on that.


It’s fine for The Premier League to say “clubs and communities are stronger when everyone feels welcome,” but they are squeezing out the very people that made the game what it is.

I’m fully behind them being all inclusive, who wouldn’t be?
But realistically football and football clubs are all about money and how much they can squeeze out of supporters and, unless you can afford it, going to a top PL football match is out of reach for a lot of people, so maybe they isn’t as caring and inclusive as they are say they are.


Wolverhampton up at HT.

Such a poor quality game.
1-1 Cardiff. Rugby goal for them :smile:


1-1 already @Luca_from_Italy


Look above. Thanks.


Sand people :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




Wolverhampton can fuck off. Last point in the league against us :bellerin:


Santo is far too rigid and stubborn.

You don’t get away with being inflexible in the premier league, he’s getting taught a lesson. Getting beat by Huddersfield and Cardiff? He needs to get real.