The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Chelsea are horrendous today. Fancy spurs to get a few more goals tbh


These individual goals always get described as brilliant, but when the other team are doing their best traffic cone impressions, it’s hard to know if the goal was actually that good. He made it look easy because it was bloody easy!


Arsenal under Wenger defended better than this Chelsea side.


Nah this is just 1 off day for Chelsea, how many did they concede in the first 12 league games ?


They were already lucky against us, tbh.
Another close chance for Tottenham.


Top four looks sealed already.


Stop Jorginho. End game for Chelsea


Yep City, Liverpool, Spurs & Chelsea is your top 4, all will get 80+ points, City probably 100 again and Pool 90 +.


Hazard anyone? :xhaka2:


Get Wenga back :xhaka:


That’s a funny way to spell Arsenal


Lol we ain’t coming top 4. In a different era our current side would, but to much competition to finish top 4 in 2019 whilst conceding 45 league goals.


Not even Guardiola as our manager would make Aussie feeling positive about us ahah!


Why do you think Chelsea are guaranteed top 4? They aren’t any better than us


With Pep we’d come top 4 Don’t be silly now, he’s turned Sterling into a goal or assist per game player…


Giroud bullet header! :syringe:


I just think Chelsea won’t concede 45 goals and ultimately that will be the difference, Don’t think they’ll be miles ahead of us, probably 5-6 points.


Nice header from Olly.


Personally I think Chelsea are better than us. Not based on this game obviously, but they have better players than us in most positions IMO. Our defence is barely top 10 worthy, let alone top 4.


We havent got a player of Sterling level though.