The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


He owes so much of his development to Pep. I’m happy for him as it’s good to see a young English talent with bags of potential actually translate that into world class form. Because that’s exactly what he’s showing right now.


2-2 Southampton. Fulham concede too many goals.

Everton up.

3-2 Fulham! Crazy game!

Liverpool score. They have been quite lucky this season, haven’t they?

Golazo Liverpool!

Leicester equalize.

Liverpool down to 10 men, as Henderson gets sent off.
They make it 3-0 now though.

4-0 City

Manchester and Liverpool marching on. Everton and Fulham win as well, while Manure draw :wenger:. Brighton-Leicester 1-1. Tottenham-Chelsea now.


Sounds like another top notch Man United performance :unai:


Fuck fucking Klaim!


God bless Jose Mourinho


Tottenham have started better.
Nice turn from Morata here.


Alli goal


That’s been coming.

Spurs have dominated this early stage


Yep, quite deserved.


Chelsea wanky fucks

Shit overrated and lucky


How did Son not score here?


The world’s most expensive goalkeeper would have saved that… Oh.


Fuck we have to be on our A game next weekend if the scum turn up like this


I see someone is already complaining about the next week :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Relax and let’s focus on the next game.


Kane golazo fair play to the cunts they have been unreal


Luiz wow :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


WOW! Chelsea played off the park!


the goalkeeper should at least moved to try and save that, that was pathetic.


Fucking soviet and Gabon boy costing us the game at the Bridge against this shitty side!


Why do the commentators and media keep trying to make the idea that “this Spurs team are so likeable” a thing? Delé Alli has one of the most punchable faces in world football!