The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Nah it’s because spurs can keep clean sheets and we can’t.


Results like this will be hugely pivotal in our bid to return to the Champions League for the first time in 3 years.


I always thought some people were miserable because of Wenger.
Guess they are just intrinsically masochist


Some of these referees are absolutely stupid, though.

Did you hear about the referee who booked Demarai Gray last week for Leicester when he scored against Cardiff? Show a little common sense, man! It was an emotional week and a big gesture by Gray.


I have no interest in comparing our team to theirs on a match by match basis like that. If they beat us to 4th it’s because they’ll have performed better than us over 38 games including the 2 we play against each other. Our respective records against Palace will only be a tiny part of the story.


Exactly. We did better at home against Liverpool than they did.

Doesn’t automatically make us better than Spurs (not yet anyway. As you say, May will tell)


Tbf Aussie lives in Sunny Australia where life is great and chill, so any kind of depression re. arsenal is no big deal. He can then be free to he as savage as he likes.

I like it.


Eeeeeeergh! Palace ffs


Palace and goals from open play go together like banana and mustard


Yeah as long as you don’t give em a couple of spot kicks you’re laughing :joy:


Fucking Palace. Just get fucked. 1-0 Tottenham FT.


Just thought I’d pose a question about the so called depth of the Premier League. It is often argued it’s the best league in the world due to depth. We are nearly one third of the way through the season and 4th place is on target for 85 points, whilst 7 clubs have single figure points tally’s from 11 or 12 games.

Is the depth of the Premier League a myth ? Or are the top clubs just that good ? Results in Europe would suggest it’s the former.


I can never workout why people get worked up whether the Premier League is the best in the world or not. The end of the day its the one Arsenal are in and thats all that matters to me.


I couldn’t care less if it is or it isn’t as it’s still the league I’m most interested in due to the Arsenal factor, I just think it’s an interesting topic of discussion due to the general consensus that it is despite results suggesting otherwise.


Want to see more post match interviews like this, rather than the drivel we’re usually served up


It’s about time players spoke out a bit more.


Not many other euro leagues go 6 deep with good to great teams. The lower half of the EPL is probably comparable to the lower half of other leagues.


Its vested hype in most cases by the media and some will always buy into that willingly usually.


Sure this type of result will affect the race but result like Watford won’t.

Hint: What I’m trying to say is that your post was stupid and meaningless.


Tell them Charlie! Bunch of crooks that only care about themselves.