The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Pardiola currently waiting by his phone like…


Fulham would even do worse with him. Most overrated manager in the league along with Hughes.


1-0 Huddersfield FT. Fulham bottom now.


Massive win for Huddersfield and deserved


I feel like Fulham have personally offended me. They were so good to watch last season. I had so much faith in them, they’ve let me down massively :disappointed:

They spent loads of money and became worse. And they’ve completely isolated Mitrovic. Might as well have me standing in his position if no one is gonna bother passing to him!


I logged on to pretty much type up the same sentiments. Fulham are astonishingly disappointing. I had them finishing comfortably mid-table this season.


The Championship is a bit different from the Premier League :wink:


Yeah of course the Prem is harder, but their time in the Championship should still give you a bit of an idea of what they’re about. They went on like a 25 game unbeaten run last season in sexual style.

Yet they’ve somehow now lost everything that was good about them, even though they kept all their stars and added more.

If they go down, it’ll be this:


Think they are using too many different line-ups every time. This thing don’t allow them to gel.


Yeah I think Jokanovic has lost the plot a bit

They might want to sack him ASAP, before they face Liverpool this weekend… a new manager bounce to annoy the Liverpool fans would be delightful :smile:


Too early to doom them. Let’s not forget Leicester were on 10 points after 18 rounds in 2014/15 and had lost 10 in their last 11 at that point. We all know what happened next.

Fulham have quality and tradition. Obviously something isn’t clicking at the moment but there are teams in this league that are much worse, 81 points to play for till the end, I am sure they will be alright come May.


Fulham made some decent signings but they’re suffering because they changed too much too soon and they’ve adopted the idea that they can enforce their style of play on teams in a league with significantly higher quality.

Fulham are suffering because the PL is a different ball game and they’ve got to adapt to that. Manager has to go.


They aren’t necessarily doomed but under Jokanović I’d say they are.

He has no answers to their problems and it’s going to get even worse over their next five games, they should look to Swansea, West Brom and to a lesser extent Southampton for the perils of waiting too long to remove the manager.

He’s showing little flexibility and his subs yesterday were cowardly.


The question is do any of those players actually want to be at Fulham and put a shift in for the club?


They will change the manager inevitably as the results keep going against them, that’s a given. But even if they don’t do it immediately, their situation will hardly be irrecoverable. They are withing 3 points off the next 6 in the table, I can’t remember the last time when as much as 7 clubs had as little as 8 points maximum after so many rounds.

I remember in 2013 Crystal Palace were on 4 points and Cardiff were on 12 after 11 rounds. Guess out of these two, who finished rock bottom and who finished 11th on 45 points.

Given that Fulham have Huddersfield, Southampton, Cardiff and Burnley right in front of them I’d say they are still the least favourite to go down out of that group, they have the quality whereas these other 4 are simply meh.


Getting sacked after the international break at this point.


He wont survive a mauling at Liverpool on sunday.


Who will need a new man first, Saints or Fulham?


Fulham will. The saints will get something against huddlesfield on the weekend


Southampton. Fulham have a good squad. Just need to find their feet.