The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Hope they bend over like that against us.

Spurs still have to play Chelsea and City don’t they?


They lost to City on monday.

Klaim :gabriel:

Wolverhampton pull one back.

2-3! Spurs bottling it! C’mon!


Love that G Nev is commentating. He must be rubbing his hands together in glee hoping Spurs fuck this up :wenger:

Really it should already be 3-3, that disallowed Wolves goal was not offside.


Back to 5th. Fucking lucky cunts.


Fully expect Palace to bend over for Chelsea today.


Southampton line up vs City :joy:


I love a Christmas tree


There are some decent players in there to be fair. They will struggle against City but they have enough quality to cause some teamsctrouble and safely stay up imho.


It was all about the formation. Christmas came early.


Championship level.


I can’t believe Shane Long is still a premier league forward.


Yeah he is kind of crap but always gives us nervy moments


At one point he had one goal in 52 games iirc.

It’s incredible tbh.


And 1-0 already.


Did you think City could drop points today?


Against woeful Saints?



No, I just find it funny they’d line up such a defensive formation and concede after 7 minutes.

Game plan right down the drain. You line up like that I imagine you expect to be even until halftime.


Southampton are terrible. They’ve only scored 6 goals in the league this season, the last of which was on 17th September!


And they have the leagues worst ever manager…doooomed I tell ya, doomed…


1-0 City

2-0 City