The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


dont be upset Luca all it does is keep Maureen there for longer they will return to their sulking shit ways soon enough.


Mourinho looked furious at that goal. Part of him was probably hoping Rashford would miss so he could continue his “See what I have to put up with” agenda :smile:


They did and are starting to show signs of improvement. Back in the race for fourth spot. A long way from great but starting to work hard now.


Bournemouth should have been 2-0 up at HT. C’mon, just another lucky win for the cunt.


A little bit annoying but then again whatever keeps Mou in the job.


Could basically say the same thing about every single one of our wins this seasons but you still laud them.


Last minute goal away at Chelsea went against them. Today they pushed and found away. Would have lost this a few weeks ago. They were the most likely winner in the 2nd half.


I think they will gradually improve as the season goes on, and I still actually fancy them to finish above us


So we are gonna finish 6th? :xhaka:


West Ham up.


That’s my boy Arnautovic :sunglasses:


Everton up as well.

1-1 Brighton

1-1 Burnley

All the teams draw at HT.


I think it’s about time we accept Luca’s irrational hatred for all things rivals to Arsenal


Everton up again.

Leicester score!


Gray was booked for this

I know rules are rules and all that, but fuck off ref!


1-0 Newcastle


I can see why the ref is getting flak but the booking is fair.

Plenty of ways to honour the late owner besides violating clear rules, Ref shouldn’t turn a blind eye because of the circumstances.


West Ham take the lead again.

Probably game over in Liverpool. 3-1 Everton.

2-2 Burnley!

3-2 West Ham. Crazy game!

4-2 West Ham and finally the game is over :smile:

Leicester, Everton, Newcastle and West Ham win.


C’mon Wolverhampton!
Shit cunts. 1-0 Tottenham.

Game over. Wolverhampton are shit.

2-0 Tottenham at HT.


Fucking annoying we drop to 5th.