The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Meh. He’s a world cup winner.


Chelsea won’t win the title, they’ll finish 3rd.


what a stat :arteta:


:fire::fire: What a Super Sunday that is!!! Unai’s first NLD and first NLD win :wink:


Ooh might go to that one…


The NLD? Is it not hard to get tickets for that


Not really. Loads of tickets for red members.


Surprised at that. Would have thought they would have sold out before red members. Seeing it’s our #1 game of the season


They always have 3,500 for red members every home league game.


Ah nice. So I suppose for games like these they sell out very quickly




Ah three local derbies on the same day. The random fixture generator strikes again.


Think it must be random the majority of the time and Sky just ask for a big Sunday like this once or twice during the season?


Do they claim its random?


Well not really I suppose. We know they have things they have to input – such as teams not playing at home on the same day as their partner team and alternating between home and away etc, but that’s logistics. “Local derbies should all be played on the same day” shouldn’t be a consideration – though i’m not complaining, mind.


@Calum you know that missed pen by Mahrez effectively cost us a place in the CL? Leicester City were good for a draw at Man City. 2 dropped points would have meant they were in the Europa in Peps 2nd season.

Mahrez is a bottler


Expecting the Chavs to beat united 2-0 or so today do pile more misery on Jose.


United’s record at Stamford Bridge is dreadful! It’s far worse than their record at any other ground. Even we have a better record there than they do!

I don’t expect that to change today

Though, this dude might decide differently:


Yeah, the same thing goes for me. Just can’t see United stopping this Chelsea side. Hazard is gonna destroy them.