The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Thanks god it’s over. Awful game to watch.


Really? Thought it was a decent match


Well, City didn’t have to push hard to win, while Chelsea were just crap.


I’ve always thought this was mostly true too but I was told once managers view in person so see how the other manager reacts to certain in game situations with their hand signals and shouts etc

Make sense to me at the time, not sure if it’s true


Have to disagree there. You can see much more in person. Cameras don’t cover the whole pitch. You can look at players positioning etc off the ball where cameras aren’t watching. The team shape is much clearer in person too. You get better insight being there.


Yea you can see how the manager reacts and yea you pick up on things at a game that the tv cameras dont but what I said was he will have gotten no more understanding than Wenger would have from a similar game. It’s one, fairly meaningless, game, 90 minutes and we don’t even know how many of the same 11 will start next weekend.


I’m just relieved to finally have a manger who will study the opposition and prepare accordingly, I’m sure Emery will have taken notes today and go over the highlights and tactical analysis over the coming week.

City just aren’t a team that you can go out and play against with the “express yourself” mantra without expecting to get absolutely rolled. In fact most of the top 4-6 teams these days fall into that category and the lack of research I feel is something that really contributed to Wenger’s numerous humiliating defeats - even more-so than the gulf in player quality.


Oh that’s a totally valid point. Emery is likely to do something with whatever information he has gained!


Emery’s notes leaked on reddit

We parka da bus.


@Arsenal4thetreble check the assist


Theeeooooo!! Too OP :grin: got both he and Tocun in my FPL :joy::joy:


Sounds about right.


Lets be honest it’s no Hunger Index is it?

Although after reading it we get 11 more points and still only move up to 5th :joy::joy:


I proved that with my unluck thread years ago


Premier League is back tonight :smiley:

Leicester to take points off Manc scum?


I think United are going to win Mourinho style.



2-1 Leicester lets kick off the meltdown season with an opening day loss


Is Pogba back?


I’d say 1-1, but Manure are probably gonna nick it in the end thanks to a dull goal.


Nothing will top opening day last season