The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


3 assists by Sane today… he just had a wonderful season…


Chelsea with a great Arsenal bottle job. Great comeback in the last month just to fall short in the end :poldi:




Chelsea’s season ended when they sold Costa imo, its funny how things changed within a year considering our strikers, they had Costa, we had Giroud and Welbeck, now they have Morata and Giroud, our reject, whilst we have Auba and Laca :sunglasses:


West Ham-Manure is just meh.


Luca I know you love football but anything is better than watching that lol


I watch what i want, you highlander.


Mourinho hasn’t got it anymore.

He’ll be sacked before his contract is up.


Luca that comment wasn’t telling you what to watch haha


I’m not watching it either. I’m watching Lee Bowyer’s mighty Charlton v Shrewsbury :sunglasses:

But just saw this on Twitter :rofl:


Ok, sorry then :wink:


I think United winning the league by 18 points in 99/2000 is the biggest margin I can remember, hopefully City eclipse that record also this season.


West Ham bottled it here.
FIGHT! Pogba and Carroll :mkhi:


This looks fun


0-0 FT. Such a great game to watch :smile:




i wonder if he made this face as he was going down


Will never forget the classic Phil Jones clearence. Crawling on the grass clearing the ball away with his head against Giroud.


Here it is -


Whatever it takes.

Whatever. It. Takes.