The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



Justice has been done for Rambo!




Who said this was a bad season?

Stoke relegated? This is a fine season indeed! :sunglasses:


They can still finish bottom as well :slight_smile:


Unbelievable stat tbh


I thought he was dead and buried after the England fiasco but credit where it’s due he’s been a revelation for Palace.


Making bottom 5 teams into Bottom 10 teams is his forte.


Now JB can get the hell out of Stoke. It’s always a shame when you see something so beautiful be a part of something so ugly.


Seriously though, – and not just because I fancy him – he’s probably the only Stoke player i’d take. Who else is there?!


Happy for him. Nice lad.


Always looking at this side :facepalm: :xhaka:


What?! We need a goalkeeper (or three). Might be able to get him at a decent price…

I’m being practical here :sunglasses:


Eriksen hattrick incoming. Will be credited to Mr. Inbred after appealing tho.


For sure. You just care about him because he looks pretty :xhaka:


Lies :sunglasses:

I honestly think he’d be a decent buy.

He’s double the height of Ospina for a start!


If only Ramsey won a European trophy the same season Stoke were relegated. If only.


There aren’t many players that are good enough for the PL in the squad and that’s why they are going down.
Possibly Butland, Zouma and Shaqiri might find PL clubs but the rest might struggle.

Shawcross deserves to be in that league…
He can lumber around the Championship and scrape his knuckles against the likes of Wigan and Bolton.


Zouma is only on loan there anyway. He’s been one of Stoke’s plus points so he’ll have no trouble finding another PL club if Chelsea do decide to sell.


Watford up against Newcastle.


Holy moly I didn’t even know Jack Butland looked like that :see_no_evil: