The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Surprised it’s taken them this long to get rid of him to be honest.

A bottle of Pellegrino would do a better job organising that team!




Another superb goal from Silva. 2-0.


David Silva is some footballer – so much technical ability! I think he’s City’s best ever player and he’s certainly been their most important player in recent years.


Chance for Stoke to pull one back.
Lol! How City did not score here?
2-0 City FT. Still 3 wins and they are champions.


Can I just say that pep is the fucking GOAT.

Look at this!!! The passing, the movement, the accuracy


We used to score goals like that.


Redcafe is seething haha


It’s not something I think about very often these days, but I used to love Ashley Cole.


They’re going to break Chelsea’s 95 points surely and when they do maybe it’s just time to admit we are now watching the best side in Premier League history (when football started).

Hard to compare across eras but I think we had it easier 15-20 years ago than they do now.


Lets be honest, their football is a joy to watch, especially if you’re a purist of the game. Granted they have money to assemble such a squad, but it still takes someone special like Pep to get the team playing like that.


Eh, United’s side of 1999 won the treble, and we and Chelsea won plenty of doubles.

Then there is the whole invincible thing, and United 08 had the longevity in the league and won a league and cl double.

I’m not saying City are not. It’s arguable, and I think City, the 05 Chelsea side you mention and the sides I’ve mentioned all have a claim.


I think there’s always a degree of being in the moment which elevates achievements, they’ve been nothing short of fantastic and deserve all the plaudits, however, I’m sure we’ll be here years from now with people saying the same about another team.

It should also be noted that many of the teams in the PL have been absolutely dire this season, so many teams have been garbage which it can be argued has meant competition isn’t quite as fierce particularly mid table and below.


Exactly, the hype and marketing of the premier league machine is very good and while it is in motion it can exaggerate many things.


I think the record PL points totals are like 95, 93, 93, 91, 90. If they can get like 101 and smash that record, it’ll be hard to argue against. And I don’t think the league is any more dire than when Chelsea got their 95. Although when you hear the romance of those teams, it’s always “we could play and we could fight you” whereas this City defence is still dodgy but then Barcelona’s defence was often dodgy whenever they were actually exposed. But there’s no denying this is the most exciting football we’ve ever had.

I don’t think there’s hype just because it’s current. People don’t like to say things that are current are the best thing ever. e.g. no matter what De Gea does, people will say Schmeichel was the best and people tried to take GOAT away from Messi because he’s not Maradona but after like 8 seasons of doing it every year they came around.

What you can’t take away from City is that they are breaking new ground and not just incrementally. They’re completely rewriting what it means to be PL champions. I’m glad for them because so many pundits said “oh no, this is the almighty premier league, you can’t just come over here and play your fancy stuff and win the league like that. it’s not like other leagues” and that’s been shown to be bollocks. Unless you have 10 men behind the ball for the entire game the PL has shown that it has no idea what to do against this kind of football and PL defences have holes they didn’t know existed. If he gets 99+ points he’ll have well and truly Barcelona’d this league in exactly the way they said he couldn’t.


Over the years they’ve assembled a squad full of the best players in the world, then gone out and got the best manager in the world. They should be winning everything really. Credit where it’s due and all that, but I won’t be sucking them off for it.


Please god let them win it in the Manchester Derby :joy::joy::joy:


It would be hilarious if they won the title here :wenger:. Mourinho’s meltdown would be epic.


They can’t win the title there.