The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Here we go! FFS! Palace :facepalm:

Great goal, tbh.




Told you Palace were in shit form :xhaka:


Ya jinxing bollox.


I spoke to soon, but in fairness United looked like Arsenal for the first 50 minutes of this game.




Could not find a reason to watch this tbh.


From memory we had 3 or 4 in a row in the 11/12 season, Henry at Sunderland, TV at home to Newcastle & RVP at Liverpool.


You can’t call it the “big 6” when the 6th place team is so far behind the other 5 teams. :pensive:

Fucking embarrassing when you look at it tbh


Wow we are back to 5 points above Burnley


We are in danger on missing on the 6th spot :rofl:


7th will still likely see us in Europe provided a top 5 team win the FA cup :rofl:


Yeah, but we would start in july :roll_eyes:


Invincibles at #4 cause “they drew too many games” is a bit ridiculous tbh.

They also said this at the end

Ninety-five points. Better than the Invincibles? Yes.



The headline does say that it’s the best ever PL sides ranked by points, so it’s not really a ridiculous point to make, just accurate.

I do believe that if we had lost a game earlier in the season we’d have had a higher points total in the end. In some of the games towards the end of the season you can see we held back from going for wins because we were so concerned about not losing and making history. With the shackles off I’m sure we’d have turned several of those draws into wins.

I seem to remember @Trion making a good post about this on the old forum and opening my eyes to it somewhat.


The they did end the season rather poorly, 4 wins 5 draws in our last 9 league games, knocked out of CL by Chelsea & by United in FA cup SF.


Fancy Klopp against Mourinho today.

Mignolet is not first choice anymore.


All set up for a boring 1-0 Mourinho win tbh.


Hope Liverpool win this one, and I think they will too