The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Guess Giroud is going off. Look destroyed.


Cuellar you can’t expect people to believe you unconditionally anymore when you say a player is bad. I mean you had that aura about you once, but then Sanogo happened didn’t it :grimacing:


That’s ok, Giroud is bad enough that I don’t really need for people to believe me unconditionally do I?

Talk about clutching at straws, you and the rest of the forum have been clutching at this Sanogo straw for 4 years now, lol. And that when I wasn’t even really wrong (Sanogo > Giroud in spring of '14), just overestimated Sanogo’s potential (said he could be a good back-up striker for us in the best case).


Burke! should be interesting to see how he gets on


Chelsea struggling against WBA lol!
FUCK OFF RONDON! How did you miss it?
Another wasted chance for WBA FFS!
Morata on for Giroud.
2-0 Moses.

Hazard’s brace. 3-0.


Any team that sacks their manager only to appoint Alan fucking Pardew deserves to go down, regardless of how shit your other manager was.


3-0 Chelsea FT.


Sturridge got injured in 4 minutes? Looool


I clapped.

This word is perfect for Welbeck & Gervinho.


We need to rescue Giroud. Starts one game for Chelsea and ends it looking like Mr Bump. Don’t they understand how important his hair is?!


At least he didn’t injury his beard.



Valentine’s Day stat for you!


Depending on when they rearrange it for we could go on a three week break from league fixtures due to the international break and the FA Cup 1/4 weekend.


Nice winter break for Wilshere to win us the world cup.


Nice. We can focus on the Europa League, then.


We can focus on Europa anyways if we want, our last 11 league games are borderline meaningless.



Not many interesting games today.


Yeah I just looked at the schedule and don’t think its worth me staying up all night for what’s on offer.