The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Well, game over in 5 minutes.

2-1 Aguero

3-1 Aguero.

Fucking hell Schmeichel! 4-1 Aguero’s hattrick.


KUN AGUERO what a striker.


Agüero with 4 goals :joy:


Wow! Some goal for Aguero’s 4th!

5-1 City FT.


Commentator just said “this is what a week off does for City”. Yeah because if they had to play more than once a week they’d be utter shit :roll_eyes:


Still not worried by them. Wembley works as our pitch in the cup :kos2:


ooft the hit on that one


Bottom of the table is looking good. One win and you’re out of the relegation zone


Big win for Huddersfield. Didn’t expect it.


A Huddersfield sub (I think) got his penis out on TV. Pulled his shorts down in the background while the camera was focused on Wagner :flushed:


United 0-0 at HT.



Ahah! :rofl:


Can’t believe Newcastle didn’t get a penalty in 1st half







Sanchez missed an open goal a few minutes before the Newcastle goal. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahaha pogba’s face


Tbf it was some block from the Newcastle defender.

He’s probably been their best player


A Chris Smalling dive led to that goal.

That’s what I call justice!