The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Rooney’s debut on Monday Night Football! An impressive “erm” to word ratio so far



Watford’s goal


Don’t want to stick up for Chelsea, but it does seem they’ve been hard done by. OK, the pen was probably a pen – though a soft one. But those bookings – players have got away with worse, including in this game.

Not every fail is a booking. If Dean believes it is then he needs to be consistent – he didn’t book a Watford player for doing a similar thing. Though I shouldn’t be surprised.




Mike Dean gonna Mike Dean. Harsh red.


Cheatski fan :rofl:

“And we continue with the pointless crosses. They could at least try to cross at the bench. Maybe Giroud will head it from there.”


deffo a dive. not a pen. hopefully Var will clamp down on that cynical play acting.


Conte has officially given up.


Oli G to the rescue…


No :xhaka:



Ugh reaches for the remote :unamused:


This is weird… seeing him running around in a Chelsea shirt :santi:


He is on.


In the mean time why aren’t the authorities clamping down on it after the fact. Shambles.


Think this is relevant here too, there was contact with Deulofeu’s left leg.

Definitely not a “clear or obvious” error so VAR wouldn’t overturn it either.


S&L covering himself in glory :xhaka:


Haha yep


Chelsea fans are a bunch of nazi, tbh.