The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


West Ham could have scored the 2nd here!



2 points dropped is fine I guess…


Some goal from Son tbf.


Another golazo, tbh. Fuck!


Mark Noble, though. He was so busy pointing at where his teammates should be that he forgot to do his own bloody job!


Yes! 2 points dropped. Spurs looked jaded. Deserved nothing from the game.


Look I’m at work and didn’t watch the game, but you say they deserved nothing ? I looked at the stats and they had 8 shots on target to 1 ? If that was Arsenal I’d be tipping you’d be bemoaning our bad luck.


Yeah, they had chances, but they didn’t look impressive to me :slight_smile:


If we can get 5th and Man City, Utd, Chelsea or Lolpool win the CL, does the CL ticket still goes to 5th?





Good riddance cunt!


I can’t believe they waited this long.

Pulis to Stoke it is then.

Then after a while Hughes will be back with some other relegation club who think he is a good manager.


Pulls has only just been appointed Middlesbrough manager. Not sure he’d quit after just two weeks :grin:


I didn’t even realise that, and I’m a gold member of his fan club.
I’m going to have to think about renewing my membership :grin:



Sweet so when do we get our 2 points back ?


Around the same time Wenger resigns, in other words never.


Yawn, you lot need to get some new jokes.


Cool. So? :hipster: