The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




They do on a purpose. It’s so clear.


No they don’t Luca.

Why are you so angry about something you cant control?!


The F.A. is so fucking corrupted. Time to investigate them.


Swansea are hopeless.
Well-done Watford. 2-0 with Kabasele’s own goal.


State of the pitch. Some of these players could actually drown :grin:


Yeah, it’s getting worse and worse. Think it’s gonna be suspended.

WBA up thanks to McClean.

2-0 City


GFI v.2018 is going to be a hoot :smile:


I am not a clown or a madman. I just can’t stand the fucking english referees being so crap.


Stop watching every fucking game then.


To be fair, i do think it is bad officiating to not notice an offside from a set piece. The game has stopped for them!


Alli with a fucking dive. Yet he complains about it. Punchable face.
Spurs should be down to 10 men. Sanchez 2nd yellow.
Of course, Pochettino gets Sanchez off now :roll_eyes:
1-1 Carroll for West Ham. Brilliant header once again.

That was a good chance for Swansea. Should have passed it in the middle.
Kane on. He is gonna score a couple.
Palace equalize with McArthur.

Fuck! Ayew, what the fuck are you doing here? Just put the ball into the net.
3-0 Aguero.

Palace lead now. Southampton are in big troubles.

Despite being shit, Swansea deserve to draw.


Kane :clap:


2-0 Alli. Great pass from Kane.

Remarkable last months from Palace. They are staying up for sure now.
GET IN WEST HAM! Take this WBA cheaters!

Stoke and Saints are in big troubles now.

Southampton 20
Stoke City 20
WBA 16
Swansea City 16


Andy Carroll.



You have to have a specialist like Carrol in the World Cup squad


This would be perfect :crossed_fingers:


3 nightmare teams for us who would finally get relegated :giroud2:


Always liked Carroll


Good player.
Not just good in the air, he can hold up the ball well and has good control.
If it weren’t for his injury record he could have been a very good PL player at big club.