The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Oh dear, Liverpool late winner.

You still here @Luca_from_Italy ?


Seriously, we are cursed. Fucking yellow german teeth! I don’t know what to say. Pointless to follow football when the other teams are so lucky.


He has new teeth now


Liverpool are such cunts. Cant stand them. Jammy winner, harsh on Burnley.


And their fans think they are better than what they really are, plus the media are full of Scoursers: Souness and Thompson are cunts of the highest order.


He can fuck off. German tit. That’s it. I wish him a very bad new year.


Fucking hell I hate Liverpool so much. Jammy fuckers.

Although they do look better than us this year, definitely finishing above us.


Really need to give everything in the cups or it is gonna be our worst season ever.


just remind me guys what time we got our winner at Burnley the last 2 seasons.


Dont interrupt our Liverpool hating thnx


Herrera is not only a cunt, but even a poor player.
Good through ball from Herrera now to Martial who can’t control it.
Great tackle from Rojo to prevent Niasse from scoring.
Very boring and dire game.


Remember when José said Herrera was Man United’s most intelligent player? :rofl: The others must be practically brain dead.


This game :neutral_face:


Don`t worry, it will be a game of two halves.


Wenger, is it you? :wenger2:


Nope, if it was he would be talking about mental strength and the quality of the players


So Liverpool get an away win despite resting star players is it ? 6 points off the beloved 4th places trophy now :eyes:


Mata hits the post with an incredible shot! :cech:
United are stepping up now.




Louder. Thanks.