The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Not if the referee has anything to do with it. Didn’t give Chelsea a penalty, and he has just bundled Fabregas to the floor :rofl:



2-1 Morata bullet header


Easy. Newcastle are shit.


2-1 Chelsea at HT.
3-1 Hazard’s penalty.


Not sure footballers are supposed to say things like this :speak_no_evil:


Saw that interview on football focus earlier and must say it sounded really weird haha. Wouldn’t think a footballer would openly wish injuries on the opposition, even if fans do it all the time…


3-1 FT for Chelsea. Need to win as well now.


Why are Newcastle considered a big club? Always in the bottom half


It’s a tricky one. It really depends on how you define a big club. In terms of size and fan base, they are up there - they were getting crowds of 50,000 when they were in the Championship. That is pretty impressive.

I’m sure a lot of guys will say size doesn’t matter though :wink:

I’d probably place them in same category as the likes of Aston Villa. Not a big club at this moment in time, but a reputation as being big (ish) in the past.


Watford 1-0 up against spurs.


Yesss haha. Let’s hope they drop more points today!




Powershift my ass!


Le Tis thinks Watford should have had a penalty just before Spurs scored.

Hopefully justice will prevail.


1-1 Son and 1-0 Liverpool with Can.


“Brighton are in control”

Two minutes later: 2-0 Liverpool.




Got both Can & Firmino in my fantasy team.

Every cloud…


Can playing as a CB too. That position obviously suits him.


SPURS DOWN TO 10 MEN!! :joy::joy::joy::joy: