The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Celebrating like that against a former club. Ashley Young is a wankstain.


Manu seems to do that to their players…seems they are a breeding ground for shitstains.


Drug test for Young… he seems to have turned into a peak Maradona!


Is Ashley Young on drugs? What a free kick!

2-0 Leicester and 3-0 United!


Who gives a fuck


what’s got up your nose? It’s a statement of fact.


I actually respect players that do celebrate a little more. Unless a goal got a former club relegated or something I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just celebrate.


Mahrez and Vardy turning back the clock 2 years vs the Spurs. I must say I’m surprised Man United are simply hammering Watford, I thought they may drop points prior to kick off.


What a fucking goal from Mahrez!!

Lol Tottenham


Assuming they don’t mount some ridiculous comeback that’s surely the end of spurs title delusions for this year.


Yeah that was my point. I have no problem with players celebrating, but you don’t have to be an utter knob about it. He started his career with Watford - would be nice of him to have a little respect for what they did for him.


I haven’t seen the actual celebration :slight_smile:

Edit: nor will I :slight_smile:


I’m glad he celebrated.


Ohhhh my god. Hate this reasoning. Young probably worked his ass off and sacrificed a lot to achieve what he did. Watford gave him nothing.


WBA-Newcastle 1-0.


How do you know they gave him nothing? They gave him his first senior cap. He played almost 100 games for them.

As I said, I have no problem with players celebrating against former clubs. But there is no need to be OTT about it.


scum are losing :relaxed:


Gibbo assist :smiley:


Wonder how many flies has Kane eaten through his life?


Go for the kill Leicester!