The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread




Pep is a cunt.


that came a little bit left field!


City will break many records. Honestly could go down as one of the best ever PL teams.

Still only November though I guess… :laughing:




Lol Luca is just still angry Italy never made the world cup :wink::wink:


Agreed the biggest cunts of the lot. All down to a free stadium and people treat them like some sort of saviours of football morality.


2007 :xhaka:



Very tough game for United today. Tottenham and Liverpool could also drop points.


Last time Palace and Brighton played each other - in the 2013 Championship playoff - this happened

The rivalry is strong. Now playing for Brighton, it wouldn’t be worth Murray’s life to celebrate against his former team!


Rose back for Spurs. So Lamela!


Good start from Leicester.
Tottenham are too elaborate this season compared with the last ones.
Off the line for Leicester!




Sissoko bottles a big chance. Nice game!
Vertonghen booked. Nasty foul.


Some sort of finish by Vardy it must be said.


Some dangerous balls in from Watford atm.
Watford taking the game to United.


Vardy capt in my FPL (smug smile)


A half decent looking programme on on bt sport after the watford- Manchester united match about Rocky and Wrighty


Spurs are terrible in the middle. They can’t string 2 passes together.
Son with a massive chance. Spurs have been terrible, but should have scored.
Nice move and goal by Young.